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My Pressing Problem Is Creating An Ecosystem To Solve Problems Of People In Various Areas

Everybody in the world is having one or more problems. Different people may have problems with different magnitude or intensity. People have their way of solving problems. This platform is an attempt to create an ecosystem based on writing therapy, as writing a problem in detail is the first step towards solutions.

My Pressingproblem, a resourceful platform shares and discusses several problems faced by individuals and offers an insight that resolves the queries. There are two components to every problem. One is a generic component that may be common for many, and the second is a specific component. The whole concept behind the website aims to facilitate the solution of both components of the problems by peers. 

The idea of the website came to the mind of founder Chandra Shukla while he was at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “While growing up and even now, I was always having one or more problems in my life. I did not know what I should do, and with a lot of hit and trial, I realize that writing gives a better understanding of the problems and makes me one step closer to the solution,” Says Chandra Shukla, an alumnus of IIT in India.

This platform is based on the assumption that once one shares a problem in a written and detailed manner, the mind naturally starts working towards the solution. The platform gets the chance to get access to the solution from multiple angles.

 The initial response of the website is encouraging, and it has started overwhelming responses from across the globe having problems in diverse areas, including personal, professionals, and many more. A team of four from the University of Michigan is already working on expanding the website across various countries.

“We are teaming up with solution providers and working to utilize advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to come up with best solutions to the users,” Says founder Shukla. 

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