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  • Opens third processing lab in the state at Karimnagar
  • Lab to be Neuberg’s 20th Customer Care Touch Point in the state
  • 10 more labs planned in Telangana by the end of 2020

Karimnagar, March 9, 2020: Neuberg Diagnostics Private Limited, a StartUp in the PathLab chain segment, today announced the opening of its 3rd processing lab and 20th Customer Care Touch Point in Telengana. Located within Sharat Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospital at Prashanth Nagar Colony, the lab aims to bring superior diagnostic services within convenient proximity for everyone in the city and its surroundings.

The lab was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) from Karimnagar in the presence of Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman & Managing Director, Neuberg Diagnostics and Ms. Aishwarya Vasudevan, Group COO, Neuberg Diagnostics.

Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar lauded Neuberg’s efforts in bringing global diagnostic practices within the common man’s reach.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. GSK Velu said, “Neuberg has always aimed to lead the movement towards early and accurate diagnosis; and to deliver deep insights by making state-of-the-art technology and new generation diagnostics accessible and affordable to people…thus enabling better quality of life. The opening of our lab in Karimnagar is in line with this endeavor. Our primary focus is to grow Neuberg to a strong position in the region and to model the desired changes for further growth and expansion.”

Neuberg plans to open 10 more such labs in the state by the end of year 2020.

“There is a demand for superior healthcare services, right from diagnosis to treatment, in Tier II & III cities…our efforts are directed towards filling this need gap. This lab at Karimnagar is an important milestone in Neuberg’s vision to helm the battle against disease by putting the most advanced diagnostics tests within the reach of the common man across the globe, with a relentless focus on quality, cutting-edge technology and uncompromising ethics,” says Ms. Aishwarya Vasudevan.

Neuberg Diagnostics is constantly working towards bringing the most futuristic diagnostic technologies within everyone’s reach. New generation techniques like Metabolomics, Proteomics, Genomics and Digital & Molecular Pathology are now being made easily available by Neuberg at optimum costs.

About Neuberg Diagnostics

The best-in-class laboratories from across India, UAE & South Africa have united under the banner of Neuberg Diagnostics to bring the latest technology and techniques within the reach of developing countries. Utilizing their combined strengths, the Neuberg alliance brings capabilities to perform over 6000 varieties of Pathological investigations and will promote Prevention & Early Diagnosis, Focused Wellness Programs and Structured Disease Management programs for rare diseases using the most advanced technologies assisted by Data science and AI tools. Today, Neuberg Diagnostics is among the top diagnostics companies of Indian origin and the fastest growing healthcare start-up in India. The founding members of the Neuberg consortium - Anand Diagnostic Laboratory (Bangalore), Supratech Micropath (Ahmedabad), Ehrlich Laboratory (Chennai), Global Labs (South Africa), and Minerva Diagnostics (Dubai) bring their combined heritage of over 200 years and process over 20 million tests annually. Some of the best Pathologists, Biochemists, Geneticists, Microbiologists and several other Clinical Lab Professionals from around the world are working closely, sharing knowledge and using the latest generation of diagnostics techniques to take accurate and timely diagnosis to the next level.

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