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Taiwan ready to offer expertise to fulfil needs of future 5G telecommunications market

Bangalore:As the mobile industry continues to evolve, the development of 5G mobile communications is expected to tremendously affect human life. In India too, there is a huge demand for 5G as it is much more efficient and will enable the telecom operators in the country to manage the explosive data growth expected in the coming three to four years, experts have said.

However, ever since the outbreak of the novel corona virus epidemic, businesses have been affected and are slowly coming to terms with how to deal with the global healthcare situation.Thesmartphone and consumer electronics companies in India are bracing for delays in launch of new products. This is primarily due to the fact that China accounts for almost 85% of total value of components used in smartphones and a lot of critical components like mobile displays, printed circuit boards, capacitors, memory and LED chips are imported from China.

Taiwan is more than willing to lend a helping hand to India and its industries, as the island nation’s advantage lies in the solid foundation that its semiconductor and electronic telecommunications industries have. Its semiconductor wafer foundry leads the world with advanced high-end processes. Taiwan’s Electronic Telecommunications' professional technology, rich experience, and flexible manufacturing has armed the country with the best power to assist Taiwanese companies to break into the 5G market.

The application of 5G’s three features, "high-speed", "low-latency" and "wide-link" is expected to bring about smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart retail, Internet of things, Internet of vehicles, even progress to smart cities, bringing convenience to life. Taiwan Excellence will ride with the trend to launch new products at COMPUTEX from June 2 to 6 in Taipei,participate in the World Congress on Information Technology from September 14 to 16 in Malaysia, Comtech India from October 29 to 31 in Mumbai, and other activities to enter the global 5G market.

Mark Wu, Executive Director of TAITRA’s Strategic Marketing Department said, The launch of 5G-enabled technologies is expected to be transformative and will unlock various disruptive new technologies. In this scenario, Taiwan is ready to help leverage its expertise in this field, honored and privileged to cooperate with any interested parties.

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