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Jaipur Watch Company Launches A New Bespoke Watch using the Last Coin Minted by the British

India’s only bespoke watchmaker, Jaipur Watch Company, has launched a bespoke gold watch using the last coin minted under the British Rule - a one Rupee coin from 1947. The coin has an Indian tiger standing and facing left. The legend below has India with the year 1947. The value of the coin is inscribed in Devanagari, English and Urdu.

The watch is powered by a premium Swiss Quartz mechanical movement. Its belt is genuine high-quality hand-crafted leather. The outer dimension of the case is 39 mm. The crystal of the watch is made of sapphire. The screwed down back cover of the watch is made of gold.

“1947 being an important year in our history – the watch is a great collector’s item.

The watch is also ideal for those looking for making style statements using historical motifs,” says Gaurav Mehta, the founder of Jaipur Watch Company.

Jaipur Watch Company is India's only bespoke watch company that started off by making watches incorporating Pre-British Era coins. Today, Jaipur Watch Company makes a range of custom- made watches that not just exude luxury but also a tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design. Manufacturing Plant of Jaipur Watch Company is in Peenya, Bengaluru.

Case OD: 39mm

Movement: Swiss Quartz

Back Cover: Screw Down (Gold)

Crystal: Sapphire

Dial: One Rupee Certified British India Coin (1946-47)

Strap: 20mm

Price: 3,15,000/-

About Jaipur Watch Company

Jaipur Watch Company, the ‘Made in India’ brand, is steeped in the age-old craftsmanship traditions of Jaipur and its history of regal lifestyle even as it leverages the technology evolution that is changing the business of watchmaking, through its workshop and factory in Bengaluru. The brand, which began by using pre-British era coins, has now scaled up to introduce several unique design ideas and works with well-established craftsmanship techniques like guilloche, besides painstakingly crafting a range of gold bespoke watches. The watch brand creates unique, classic watches that resonate with Indians because of the stories of culture and traditions, history and spirituality told through the dial.

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