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Minister of Labour - Shri Malla Reddy attends the Annadanam program of Bihar Association Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 22nd April 2020: Bihar Association Hyderabad and Bihar Foundation Hyderabad Chapter has today organized ration material distribution program and Annadanam in Balaji Nagar, Santosh Nagar and Jawahar Nagar. Shri. CH Malla Reddy Labour Minister, Govt.of Telangana and Mayor of Jawahar Nagar Corporation, Smt. Mekla Kavya Madam, Councillor Bhargava Rao, MPTC Srinivas and Councilor of Santosh Nagar along with other dignitaries from the society had participated. Hon'ble Minister appreciated the association for the commendable work like distribution of ration material and Annadanam for the needy workers.

The minister has appreciated President Shri Manvendra Mishra, Secretary Shri Uttam Yadav, Vice President Shri Hareram Singh, Treasurer Mr. Vijay Jha, President of Commerce and Industry Shri Jairam Prasad Singh and all senior officials and members of the Association for organizing Annapurna program, he also said that today Bihar Association is involved in helping the needy migrant laborers all over Hyderabad and for this great work the institution deserves praise.

The Hon'ble Minister said that the Chief Minister of Telangana Government, Honorable KCR Sir, announced that the amount of Rs.1500 will be given to those who does not have ration card and 12 kg ration and 500 cash to be given to needy migrant laborers who have ration card. This facility has been provided to 2000 migrants in Jawahar Nagar and the list of other 2000 migrants has been received by the government.

Any labour from Bihar can get this facility by courtesy of Telangana government just by giving information of their Aadhar card. The Minister also said that it is the order of our honorable Chief Minister that in our Telangana state, not a single person will go hungry, for which he has given special instructions to all his administration officials. Especially for migrant laborers from outside. He also said in the press conference that if any needy laborers are deprived of this program of Telangana government, then the members of the association should cooperate and benefit from the facilities provided by the Telangana government.

In today's Annadanam program more than 1000 people took advantage as well as ration materials were also made available to 50 needy families in Balaji Nagar. The program was conducted mainly under the supervision of Deepak Panda with the cooperation of Rambali Pandit and Arvind Singh. Jitendra Singh, Yuva Shakti unit president Vinod Gupta, Hareram Yadav, Deepak Yadav and Ranjit Yadav also supported in this program. According to the suggestion of the senior officer of the association Dilip Kumar, 7 needy labourers based in Jeedimetla were provided ration materials by the association's treasurer Vijay Jha and vice-president Hareram Singh. After concluding the program, President of the Association, Mr. Manvendra Mishra, while speaking to the journalists, thanked the Honourable Labour Minister, Kavya Madam, Mayor of Jawahar Nagar and all the administrative officials of the Telangana Government for their cooperation in the program.

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