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Paras Healthcare (Paras Group of Hospitals) runs no hospital in Agra

· Paras Healthcare has a network of 7 hospitals across 6 cities; but it has no presence in Agra

· Media reports in recent weeks have misinterpreted the name of a local hospital called Shree Paras Hospital as Paras Hospital

April 30, 2020: North-India hospital chain Paras Healthcare has clarified that it does not operate any hospital unit in Agra, in the wake of several media reports misinterpreting the name of a local hospital at the centre of a COVID 19-related crisis as Paras Hospital.

Paras Healthcare has further clarified that ‘Shree Paras Hospital’ which is a local hospital in the city is not associated with Paras Hospitals Group in any way. However, the incorrect mention of the name in several media reports is unnecessarily having an impact on the image of the reputed Paras Group.

“It’s unfortunate that the media has misinterpreted Shree Paras Hospital with our chain of hospitals and this is having repercussions on our Group’s image. We want to clarify that Paras Healthcare has no unit in Agra. At Paras Hospitals, we are committed to providing the highest standard of medical care possible to all patients. In all our hospitals across the country we have ensured high degree of preparedness to deal with the pandemic. We have been taking this threat extremely seriously and have put in place all protocols of safety and isolation while dealing with COVID 19 patients,” the Paras Healthcare Management said in a statement. 

The local hospital in Agra has been at the centre of a COVID 19-related crisis in recent weeks. According to recent media stories a section of the hospital staff is protesting for being quarantined for 22 days allegedly without tests, after a patient being treated at the hospital tested positive for COVID 19. Several media stories reporting the developments have incorrectly mentioned the hospital name as Paras Hospital, rather than Shree Paras Hospital.

Paras Healthcare has also appealed to the media to exercise caution and ensure factual accuracy while reporting the developments particularly in a critical time.

Paras Hospitals has seven hospitals across Gurgaon, Patna, Darbhanga, Panchkula, Udaipur and Ranchi. Paras Healthcare has undertaken many proactive measures to ensure health and quality services to their patients. The Group has formed a multi-disciplinary committee comprising of doctors & staff from all specialties to guide its hospitals with standard operating processes to evaluate coronavirus in suspected patients. The Group is rigorously training and upskilling its staff on infection control practices. It has also been adhering to the WHO & ICMR guidelines to prevent the spread of the infection and started tele and online consultation for other patients.

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