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Hyderabad, May 29, 2020: Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited, the country’s no.1 company for Compliance, today organised a ’60 Minutes Compliance’ webinar to discuss the Occupational Safety, Healthy and Working Conditions (OSHW) Code. 

The webinar was aimed at explaining the OSHW Code for organisations employing at least 10 workers, mines and docks. Apart from prescribing health and safety provisions that apply to all organisations, the Code also outlines special requirements for different types of organisations (such as factories and mines) and workers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nagaraj Krishnan, Managing Director, Aparajitha Corporate Service Private Limited said, “The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2019 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 23, 2019. The Code consolidates 13 labour laws relating to safety, health and working conditions. These include the Factories Act, 1948, the Mines Act, 1952 and the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970. As the lockdown eases in phases and will subsequently be lifted, OSHW becomes all the more critical atleast till the COVID-19 scare remains. Today’s webinar was more of an educative session on the key provisions of the OSHW Code and how it needs to be implemented in the post-COVID-19 era.”

The webinar covered and answered the following aspects of OSHW…
  • Who is covered under the Code?
  • Does the Code create special provisions for different types of organisations and workers?
  • What are the duties of employers and employees?
  • Will work hours be uniform for all workers and employees?
  • What working conditions and welfare facilities does the Code provide for?
  • What is the leave policy for workers?
  • What are the authorities set up under the Code?
  • How is the Code being enforced?
  • Does the Code provide gender specific provisions?
The webinar, which saw participation by 827 individuals comprising of HR professionals and mid & senior level personnel across various industry sectors, was moderated and addressed by Mr. K. Varadan, Chief Consultation Officer, Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited.

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Incorporated in the year 2000, Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited is today India's No.1 Company for Compliance. With presence in all the states and union territories across the country, Aparajitha is well recognised as a Pan-India expert in dealing with the complexities of Labour Law and Industrial Law compliances. The company’s 1400 plus clientele ranges from Start-ups to Industrial Giants to Multinational Companies to reputed Corporate houses across industries, regions and segments. Aparajitha’s cost-effective solutions are designed to address all the current and future compliance requirements of companies. The operations and services are guided by professionalism and principles that stem out from Aparajitha’s core values and business ethics of integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress. The company’s goal is to build enduring long term relationships with their clients by partnering with them for mutual growth and benefit.

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