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May 12, 2020
Hyderabad: Nurses have always played a prominent role and have a great responsibility in improving the health of the nation. Nursing has today evolved into a profession with a wealth of skills and professional knowledge. And during these COVID-19 times, work for the nurses has become like going to a war zone. They are actually seeing the ‘fire’ and yet are jumping into it. This is the level of selflessness and commitment that they are showcasing during what can be undisputedly called the toughest and the most challenging phase in their lives.

They are the real warriors fighting a battle never fought before and against an enemy (COVID-19) never encountered before. They have put their and their near & dear ones’ lives at stake for the country. No individual or organisation will ever be able to repay them for the service they have rendered during these tough times.


This International Nurses Day and always, the nurses, who are in true sense the frontline warriors, deserve support from the government, from their employers and most importantly from each other to see them through these ‘never seen before’ times.

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