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SPDS Organizing Mega Flagship Online Event For Building A Centre of Excellence in Dissolution Research


Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Sciences (SPDS) in collaboration with Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) announces yet another Mega Flagship event for Young Researchers in Pharma , DISSO RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS, INDIA 2020  ONLINE on 4 th , 5 th and 7 th June 2020.

SPDS and APTI invite abstracts for oral presentation in above forum, from researchers and students in areas of research related to Dissolution and Solubility Modulation; In Vitro Release Studies of Conventional & Novel Dosage Forms, including Herbals, Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals; Pharmacokinetics &  IVIVC Studies; Modified Dissolution Equipment and Methodologies, including Bio-relevant Media & Automation; Computational Tools, PBPK Modelling.

The idea spelled out by Prof Saranjit Singh, NIPER, SAS Nagar, India, was conceptualised by Dr.L.Ramaswamy, General Secretary- SPDS & Managing Director of Sotax India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai together with other Trustees of SPDS, on the 3rd Day of the recently concluded Disso India 2020 Online International Conference.  Under the Leadership of Prof.

Saranjit Singh, it has been decided to have a special forum to showcase the research work of Young Researchers- from Academia & Industry. They would have been inspired by the talks which they have attended – given by the Galaxy of experts in the field from USA, Dr. Vinod Shah, Dr. Dianne Burgess, Dr. Vivian Gray, Dr. Umesh Banakar, Dr Sandra, From Europe Dr. Jean Michel Cardot, Samir Haddouchi, from swiss Kempf Juergen and From Asia, Dr. Padma Devarajan, Dr.A.K.Bansal , Vijay Kshirsagar, Dr Leong, Sandip  kulkarni   to name a few.

Objectives of the newly planned event are to provide an online platform/forum/ opportunity to all young upcoming bright Pharmacy students (UG, PG & Research scholars), Faculty and Young scientists from industry to exhibit their research work, talent and findings to the Pharma Scientific Community across our country now and later to the whole world. This will be through  presentations of their research work done by individuals/groups from respective colleges, Universities, institutions and industries in front of highly reputed,  qualified and experienced luminaries & professors from India and abroad.

Over all Schedule of event is like this Submission of abstract by 27 May 2020 (10 pm),Announcement of selected abstracts by 29 May 2020 (6 pm),Uploading of YouTube link of pre-recorded video by 31st May 2020 (8 am),Announcement of selected entries for semi- finals by 2 June 2020 (8 pm),Semi - finals (Thursday &Friday) 4 and 5 June 2020 (2 pm to 7pm),Announcement of entries for final round on 6 June 2020 (6 pm),Finals (Sunday) 7 June 2020 (3 pm to 8 pm).Also, All India Final rounds shall have guest lectures from internationally recognised experts.

To provide equal opportunity to all colleges in the country, the nation is divided into four zones. In each zone there will be a panel of experts (from academia &industry) headed by a highly qualified and experienced eminent Pharmaceutics Professor. This panel will invite abstracts for Online Poster Presentations from all Pharmacy colleges in the Zone in the areas of research related to dissolution and solubility modulation, which may include Dissolution Rate Testing, Drug Release Studies, Permeation Studies, and IVIVC Related Studies for API, Conventional and Modified Release Dosage Forms, Drug Delivery Technologies for Modulation of Dissolution Rate & Solubility Enhancement.

These Submissions Should Contain Evidence Of Altered/Enhanced Solubility Or Dissolution. PBPK Modelling, Effect of Material Properties like Solid Form, Salt Form on Dissolution Performance, Dissolution Studies Using Biorelevant Dissolution Media, Automation, Novel Drug Delivery System

DISSO RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS, INDIA 2020 – ONLINE will be the second Flagship event of SPDS,The first one being DISSO INDIA and an important national event with a large professional gathering of more than  5000 plus Student/Industry Delegates & luminaries from Academia and Industry.

Dr.L.Ramaswamy, has announced  during the Disso India 2020 online International conference on the concluding day 16 th May 2020, when  Dr.V.G.Somani , Drug Controller General of India addressing the thousands of delegates present in the conference that , Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS) has  planned to set up a State of Art World Class Centre of Excellence  for Dissolution Science  & Applications  with all modern fully automatic Dissolution systems  together with other analytical instruments,  with the purpose of training the Pharmacy Postgraduate  students, research scholars, Industry Professionals and regulators in the area of Dissolution testing and applications through Online/ Offline courses and seminars .

Besides the above, those students, PhD Scholars, post doc, faculties and young scientists who want to undertake research projects in the field of Dissolution Testing and applications can also avail this facility. While talking to Media Representative Mr.Prakash Bhosale, Dr. L Ramaswamy, a General Secretary of SPDS said that this event is going to be the largest milestone in the pharma research domain across the world. He appealed to all Pharmacy students, Academia, Pharma Professionals to participate in this online festival of pharma Industry of world.

To set up this Centre, SPDS needs large resources in terms of finance, scientific talent, instrumentation and adequate space. Hence Donations from each and every Pharma students, research scholar, Faculty, Industry professionals to donate minimum of Rs. 500 to SPDS and to all the Corporate to come forward and support the mega project with their valuable Donation.

Donations can be easily made through Credit/Debit Card via gateway in SPDS website. To make your donation, one can log on to  for gateway or directly remit to our Bank Account of SPDS as per details provided on website. Once you make the donation,

kindly mail your Name, Email, Contact details and transaction reference to: with cc to

All those who make the donation to the proposed Centre of Excellence in May 2020, shall be given the following. Free delegate pass in the Zonal Event (4 th and 5 th June 2020) and All India Final Events (7 th June 2020). A Complimentary licensed soft copy of Desk book of Dissolution Science and Application – 1 st Edition – after 30 days of the event. Participation certificate.

Some of the corporate donors for this event are Sotax India Pvt Ltd & ACG Worldwide (Platinum Donor, Electro lab as Gold Donor, Lab India as Silver donor and a few others as Event Donors. The organizers are expecting more than 5000 donors attending the event nationally and internationally.

Event Donation Link:

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