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Spherule Foundation bolsters its e`fforts to help the poor and needy

~Launches a COVID 19 helpline number to help the poor and needy~

May 15th 2020, Pune: COVID 19 has brought unprecedented crisis and distress for our entire nation. Every citizen has been adversely impacted and livelihood of millions especially daily wage earners has been distressed. These daily wage earners such as labourers, slum dwellers and other meagre earners such as Maids, Plumbers, House Help, Rickshaw pullers, street-side vendors, are most hard hit and are undergoing major financial crisis. 

Spherule Foundation known for its philanthropic work since its launch in 2017 has launched a COVID-19 Helpline for these daily wage- earners and the poor and underprivileged people. Through this helpline these people can call and ask help for Food, Corona Self-Assessment Test, Doctors’ advice, Mental Health and Counselling or for any other Support. Spherule has been providing basic ration bags containing one month’s supply of items such as wheat flour, rice, dal, cooking oil, salt& spices, sanitizer and soaps for each of such family to sustain them for a month.

Dr. Geeta Bora, Founder and Director, Spherule Foundation, says, ‘Most of these daily wage earners have lost their jobs. They are caught completely unprepared, without a source of income. They have almost no support and very little knowledge about Covid-19. Information available on WhatsApp and Media is too technical for the people to understand and majority of them are misinformed. Our objective is to help and support poor and underprivileged people during such a mammoth crisis. We are creating awareness sessions in slums, labour camps and communities through this helpline. The most important aspect of our intervention is to curb spread and raise awareness among the target beneficiaries on means to safeguard them from getting infected.

Spherule Foundation’s Team is WHO Certified for COVID19 They create awareness in line with the Information and advisory guidelines released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW). During Awareness sessions we bust myths, Do’s and Don’ts, Correct Hand washing method, precautions people should take and we also examine people in communities for Corona positive symptoms and guide them how to do self-assessment.

Spherule foundation wants more and more people to take benefits of their initiative. People who need support or are aware of someone who needs support, kindly contact on the foundation’s helpline number +91 9172272336

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