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Tolika Achumi, A 18 Year Old Upcoming Dancing Talent

Tolika Achumi is an upcoming talent from Dimapur, Nagaland. She is just 18 years old and has chosen to pursue her studies instead of taking up her chance to work in the Bollywood Film Industry.

“It is a dream of many to make it big in Bollywood, I am delighted to get that opportunity. However, I have a long road ahead of me and I believe good education is most essential for me presently,” says Tolika.

Tolika believes basic education is a must for any artist before they fully indulge in their particular line of interest. Tolika Achumi is well-known for her passion for dance and is a person with a positive attitude and time management skills.

My journey has just begun and I would like to strengthen my foundation by getting educated. Her decision is inspiring for many youths who place glamour before education.

Tolika is a sensation among her peers and state, Nagaland. She is really popular among her school peers for her dance moves. Dytto, the American dancer and model is her idol. “I love Dytto, She's such a great talent and I like the way she dances.” says Tolika Achumi.

“I will keep on working on my skills during my education as well so that I am more ready after my education is over.”, says Tolika Achumi.

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