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Tripod – Here’s Why You Need to have One for Your Setup

Tripods are a fantastic tool to have and can support you a lot with your passion for photography. There are currently several tripods commercially available in various shapes and sizes, from modular to full-size devices. Tripods are available in a range of textures from aluminium to carbon fibre to fit all sorts of budgets. With modern cameras' aperture Priority functionality and faster shutter speed capacities, you might wonder why there's even a requirement of a tripod. Tripods can be a flexible and helpful tool, depending on your photography genre.

A tripod helps keep your camera steady, and you're not going to have to worry about any movement causing camera shake. This is particularly important for lenses that may intensify camera shake, like telephoto lenses and macro lenses when used for shooting flowers at very short distances. No matter how quick your shutter speed will be, a good tripod could do better. You can also enhance your field depth for greater clarity because you can afford to use a slightly slower speed or a reduced ISO. Or, just go artistic and try new things with blurring vibration if you like. With superior quality, sharper images, if you make large prints, you will see noticeably better results too.

Capturing longer exposure isn't rocket science anymore. Limit the shutter speed, and you are good to go. With the help of a tripod, the camera can register an enhanced amount of light that takes care of the desired exposure. A hand-held camera just isn't good enough for capturing these specific shots, and that's where a tripod comes in from your camera accessories and ensures you get the shot you want. Stability is also a critical factor that a photographer craves for capturing a shot. Tripod is meant to provide remarkable steadiness to the camera and avoid any operator shakes. Stability, in its true sense, simply means keeping the camera in position. It's the execution part that takes some doing, and instead of inculcating the manual approach, it's better to get things done with a durable tripod. 

Tripods are a valuable asset and add immense value to your camera accessory kit. Usually, camera accessories are more focused on external attachments that provide better vision or crispier images. However, a tripod offers balance, stability and a base to frame and adjust the shots. You can choose any tripod keeping in mind durability and value-for-money factors.

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