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Aniket Dey elected as youth advisor for NSC, Prime Ministers Office, Government of India

The Office of the Advisor (Youth), NSC, Government of India has been doing efficient work towards escalating and redressal of received grievances related to Covid-19. When the whole nation is suffering from this medical epidemic to safeguard the safety of the people, the Office of the Advisor (Youth), NSC Government of India is absolutely working hard on resolving of complaints received by various government organizations.

Enforcement Committee has been formed for Covid-19 across where major bone of contention to these survivors of the Pandemic. Office of the Advisor (Youth), is working 24*7 to address complaints like providing amenities places to the people for staying who are travelling from abroad, continuous check on SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) made by the Govt of India in every state. Following up on timely basis was done by the team members. It will continue to happen from the Advisor office by the Govt of India.

We are working shoulder to shoulder and will continue to do the same with the same enthusiasm with the growing team for Covid-19. Apart from redressal committee many inspection teams have been formed to keep an eye check on social distancing measure, mask wearing, proper sanitization procedure to be followed as per the SOP issued by the Government of India.  It is a pleasure by the people (Officers, Volunteers) who are serving to the nation and pride will remain for this fighting in this together.

The Office of the Advisor (Youth), NSC, Government of India will continue to update on the same and urging to the people of India to reach us for any redressal. In a need of this "We are here for you in this hour of need". We will make sure for the same efforts and resolving of the problems on timely manner.

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