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City NGO along with Minister for Education, Smt Sabitha Indra Reddy help priests and pastors

Groceries to families of poor Brahmin priests, needy pastors, members of church and other daily wage workers in Telangana were distributed as a part of the NGO’s relief work

Hyderabad, June 22, 2020: The global new virus has set foot into the livelihoods of many vulnerable families. For last three months, the hunger crisis all throughout the nation has increased drastically. Apart from various fields of work, the messengers of God (priests/pastors) have also been worst affected battling hunger. Many poor Brahmin priests, members/workers of the local temples and workers who belong to churches are all part of these. Starting their day before 4:00 am, the daily chores have been a ritual until the pandemic hit their lives.

As part of their COVID relief work, City NGO Youngistaan Foundation along with Minister For Education, Smt Sabitha Indra Reddy, Badangpet Mayor and other local authorities addressed the needs of these families living in Hyderabad by providing nutrition kit to 300 families of Brahmin priests, members of local churches, and other daily wage workers. Each kit consists of 11 items that includes Rice, Pulses, Wheat Flour, Salt, Oil, Chilli powder, Milk powder, Turmeric powder, body soap and detergent soap, sanitary napkins. A family of four for 10 days (3 meals each day), that can feed 24,000 meals overall. 

Speaking about the food drive, Minister for Education, Government of Telangana, Smt Sabitha Indra Reddy said “I am overwhelmed to see youngsters donating and distributing groceries generously towards the families of the Brahmin priests and Christian Pastors. Organizations like Youngistaan Foundation are doing so much for the ones in need. I bless each and everyone to do more for human beings.” Adding further she said, “the lockdown has come to an end but not the virus. I request everyone to follow precautionary measures to avoid the massive spread of the virus.

One of the beneficiaries, Anjaneya Sharma, a Brahmin priest from a local temple said, “My everyday rituals have been turned down with the widespread pandemic I was helpless a month ago seeing all my savings coming to an end. Fortunately, my friends, family and other known people have donated me in the name of god. Now we are empty handed again.” Adding to which Mary, from the local Church happily shared “People call me mad when I tell God delivers food to me. He indeed does! He comes in the form of you all to provide help and supply groceries to families like mine. May God bless you with abundance blessings and happiness.”

Speaking about the COVID 19 Relief Support, Arun Daniel Yellamaty, founder, Youngistaan Foundation, said, “We are happy to generously donate/ distribute to these families who have experienced the battle of hunger. It is difficult and painful. We are inspired to see Sabitha ma’am doing so much for her people and we wanted to donate as much as we can. We are happy to be associated with the drive conducted along with ma’am.”

Youngistaan Foundation, a volunteer-driven NGO is reaching out to the vulnerable families from various communities who are majorly hit by the lockdown during these uncertain times.

Apart from this, the organization has also distributed nutrition kits to 13,903 families, 1,45,280 cooked meals, supplied essentials to 40 especially aided and Old age homes which translate to 18,40,640 meals by assisting the Telangana State Police, GHMC and other civil society organizations. It has created a remarkable platform for youngsters to step up and help the community during this period of pandemic times. 

The organization also runs an active program throughout the year on food and nutrition, zero hunger, education, Menstrual Hygiene Management, child sexual abuse for boys and girls, animal abuse, career guidance and works on 7 UN SDGs.

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