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City NGO along with Telangana State Tribal, Women and Child Welfare Minister support 300 tribal families

Youngistaan Foundation along with Minister Smt Satyavathi Rathod supported 300 tribal families, transgenders, orphan children from Madarsa and daily wage workers with groceries, sanitary napkins and hygiene kits to those living in Mahabubabad district 

Telangana, June 3, 2020: Youngistaan Foundation donated and supported families of tribal areas, transgender communities, daily wage workers and Orphan children living at Madarsa with groceries and hygiene kits to those who are residing in Mahabubabad district along with State Tribal, Women and Child Welfare Minister Smt Satyavathi Rathod on Telangana Formation Day.

The team of volunteers travelled all the way from Hyderabad for around four hours starting early morning to assist the tribal families who were in need by interacting and supporting them with essentials during the pandemic time. 

The 300 nutrition and hygiene kits worth 3,00,000 Rupees which consisted of 12 items (10 kgs Rice, 2kg Pulses,2kg Wheat flour, Oil, Salt, Chilli Powder, Milk Powder, Turmeric, Body Soap, Detergent Soap, Sanitary Napkin and Bread packet) were distributed among the migrant children at Madarsa, Transgender communities and worstly affected tribal population (Lambadas) living in Pedda thanda - Gundrathimadugu area where people are striving hard to have a meal. The drives was conducted along with Collector and Mahabubabad district Magistrate, Sri Gautham and other officials.

Tribal families are one of the most affected people during this pandemic and any sort of help is a great support for them. While interacting with the ones who received essentials, Durga, a transgender said, "I rarely see people treating us equally but now looking at you all doing so much for us, I am just overwhelmed. We need all the help we can get". Aseem, a kid from Madarsa was super excited to receive his share of bread packets. He said, "for next two days, me and my friend will eat this together as I just love bread". Laxmi, a daily wage worker was initially so hesitated to take a Sanitary Napkin but slowly had a courage to ask for this essential and said "Not even one has realized the importance of this basic need." After which a man passing by stopped and said “can I take a few for my wife and daughters as well.” And he picked up few sanitary napkins. 

Speaking about the special drive conducted on an auspicious day, State tribal, Women and Child Welfare Minister Sri Satyavathi Rathod shared "On this special occasion of Telangana Formation Day, I got an opportunity to serve hundreds of people in need. I was born and raised in the same village and I know the struggles people here go through. I am happy to see Young people from Youngistaan Foundation who travelled all the way from Hyderabad to help families living in my area. “Speaking about the Relief support provided at Mahabubabad district, Youngistaan Foundation Founder, Mr Arun Daniel Yellamaty, shared "It pinches our heart to witness gloomy faces of families living in tribal areas. We are humbled to see Satyavathi ma'am being so grounded and helping so many families in need. Also, happy to see people and organizations stepping up to help different communities. We shall extend our Relief support to reach as many families as possible to ensure no one sleeps hungry. On this note, we appreciate the constant support from our Donors and Volunteers who were part of our journey and happy to serve people of Telangana on this auspicious day. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming large and disrupting life as we know it, Youngistaan Foundation, a volunteer-driven NGO is reaching out to the vulnerable families from various communities who are majorly hit by the lockdown during these uncertain times 

Apart from this, the organization has also distributed nutrition kits to 12,629 families, 17,18,10 cooked meals, supplied essentials to 40 specially aided and Old age homes which translates to 17,79,090 meals by assisting the Telangana State Police, GHMC and other civil society organizations. It has created a remarkable platform for youngsters to step up and help the community during this period of pandemic times.

Apart from this the organization also runs an active program on food and nutrition, zero hunger, education, Menstrual Hygiene Management, child sexual abuse for boys and girls, animal abuse, career guidance and works on 7 UN SDGs.

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