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Don’t Ignore the Sound Quality While Recording Videos and Vlogs

camera : If you have a powerful camera, you definitely want to put it to good use. We often relate the quality of a video to the frame rates offered by the camera. While frame rate and speed of capturing are utterly critical when you want to simply take the video of the scenes in front of you without any sound, the role of mic becomes crucial when you want an audio-enabled video. The in-built microphone that you get with your camera can capture the surrounding sound, but it comes with a lot of compromises. You'll have to be satisfied with frequent sound disruptions, the unnecessary noise of the wind, and voices without being mic filtered.

When you couple an external microphone with your camera while recording videos, you can get crisp sounds of the surrounding and negating the unnecessary noises at the same time. Therefore, vlogging becomes convenient, and you can easily record videos from your camera without worrying about sound quality. The information that you give while shooting a vlog holds equal importance to the scenes that you make your audience see. You can opt for any kind of external mic depending upon the camera accessories that you have. If you have to prioritize the quality, then an attachable microphone is always the better option, but for that, you need to have a camera holder and a tripod for some cases as well. 

However, you can also take a smaller wired mic that you can fix to your apparel, and that will also serve your purpose. It all depends on what you have and what you want. While recording videos, you often overlook sound because that's something you don't encounter directly. So, having an external mic with your accessories gives you the assurance that the recorded sound is of premium quality and there aren't any undesirable noises in the video. Recording videos is all about concentrating on the subject, and if you lose focus because you aren't sure of the incoming sounds, the video will reflect the same.

Having a mic within your camera accessories bag is helpful because it doesn't cost much and it doesn't demand a lot of storage space either. Whenever you feel like there's no need for the mic, you can simply detach it from the setup, and everything comes back to normal again. Vlogging is lots of fun, albeit, you do it the right way.

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