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Heimars ups the home style ante

Whether homeowners are searching for inspiration to revamp a room, add a new dimension to their décor or add a quick injection of life into a space, Heimars is on hand to offer some exquisite pieces to ensure that your place looks much more interesting and layered.

Heimars has a wide range of products which gives you the freedom to choose from a collection of artist made and beautifully designed home décor pieces. The designs are expertly crafted with great quality to express every individual’s personal style. Our décor pieces range from budget-friendly buys to premium indulgences so that you can navigate easily through our collection. The collection includes a selection of serve ware, table lamps, lighting and home accessories you could choose from.

With various fabrics, vintage colour palettes and intricate detailing, the products are designed to take you on a delightful tour to discover unique décor possibilities for a stylish home.

Heimars artfully combines colour, pattern and texture to offer a variety of fashion forward products including wall decor, decorative accents, pillows and bedding. It is the one stop source for all your home décor needs. For an up close and personal look at Heimar’s key collection for the season.

1. Crescente Crushed Velvet Fringe Cushion

The Crushed Lustrous Velvet Fringed With Silken Purple Threads Ensures Superior Impact. Our design minds have worked hard to put together Jewel Tones that help make your home your muse every day.The cushion looks wonderful solo and is appealing enough to catch the eye even if the cushion is the only thing present on a bed, sofa, or any other piece of furniture

2. Deco Column Side Table

Utility & aesthetics go hand in hand on this one, 2 separate marble tops encompassed in gold coated steel sitting on a branched out linear column pedestal.

3. Mahogany Branch Bowl

Taking the natural branch formations as it’s guide, this one branches out in three directions with space for 3 separate bowls, apt for wine snack serving , even otherwise, this one’s a breathtaker.

4. Coaxal Candle Holder Small

Exaggerating luminescence in the most charming way, the Coaxal Candle Holder demonstrates metallic circles forming gold orbits with a dainty candle pedestal at the core. The opulent piece comes in two size variants(S & L) which by the way, look smashing when used together!

5. Clerkenwell Clock Black

The extravagant clerkenwell clock is complete in a stunning black, Gatsby style look. Anode the walls with this timeless piece featuring ornate escape wheels

6. Maideneir Large

Amongst the most enchanting décor pieces we offer, the dainty and delicate Maideneir showcases entwined and overlapping gold ginkgo leaves stemming from a black pedestal. Available in two size variants Small & Large, this one is a must have!

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