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How to Hold a Pool Cue?

The way to grab the billiard cue is more important than you may believe, since it depends on the way in which you are going to hit the ball and, therefore, the effect that it is going to have on the table.

Therefore, it is not enough that you look at professionals and try to imitate them. You have to know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it based on your goals. Therefore, we are going to tell you the ways to get a billiard cue.

Ways to hold a pool cue

First, we will learn how to hold a pool cue in the most basic way, and then explain other techniques and their results. 

The billiard cue is grasped with the dominant hand, at the height of the hip about ten or fifteen centimeters from the back, so that it is balanced. Sometimes there is a mark that tells you that it is better to orient yourself by the weight and balance.

You have to grip the pool cue firmly, but gently. After aligning the body with the cue ball, lean over and rest the other end on your thumb and forefinger, although some players also add the heart, keeping the hand open. It’s also the same for holding the cue for breaking and jump.

Once in that position, you will have to move the bridge that forms your hand to orient the cue before hitting the ball. This basic shape is called an open bridge, but there are other ways to grab a pool cue.

Closed bridge

This technique is more advanced and makes viewing a shot more professional than the open bridge. To do this, you have to place your hand on the table in a fist and stretch your thumb, ring finger, and heart hiding the index finger.

Now, you will have to lift your index finger and pass your thumb underneath until you form an arc with both fingers under which the cue will pass at the moment of the shot.

Rail bridge

If the ball is too close to the edge of the table, it is time to change the traditional or open bridge to the rail bridge. To do this, you have to rest your hand on the edge of the table. Next, you must place the cleat between your index finger and thumb to pull.

If the ball is so close to the edge that you cannot allow it, rest your flat index finger against the edge.

Elevated bridge

It is used when another ball blocks the cue ball. You must make a kind of tripod with your little, middle, and ring fingers while you raise your index and thumb in a V in the air. The cue must pass between this vee.

Mechanical bridge

Unlike the previous one, this jumper is used if the ball is too far away. First, you will have to make the traditional bridge. Then, place the heel in the way you need and hold the sole with the middle finger, index finger, and thumb.

You can also use the already made bridges:

Acrylic Bridge Kamui VUE, Metallic Bridge Deluxe, Bridge black deer, Bridge Aluminum Stag ... and many more

And how do you get hold of the pool cue? Share and discuss with your friends the different ways to get a pool cue.

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