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Mumbai startup launches Out Key to help reduce contact from public surfaces

Mumbai based startup DiaMia Care Pvt Ltd launches the OutKey, a tool to reduce direct contact with public surfaces which could be infected with germs.
OutKey helps in opening doors, operating lifts, using ATMs and credit card machines without touching them.

In these times when we all are taking precautions to keep ourselves safe, OutKey will be an essential tool to reduce the contact surface area with shared surfaces, and help people step out safely from their homes.

It will be useful at public toilets, supermarkets, elevators, malls, airports, railway stations and other such places.

People across the world would start stepping out of their homes soon and OutKey will help in enhancing social distancing.

We launched OutKey on 16th May, and the response has been overwhelming. As we write this on 29th May we have received more than 3 million views on our social media platforms, and more than 50,000 people have visited the site as well.

We believe that OutKey is a tool for everyone and most of our customers are buying for their families and friends as well. On average one customer buys more than 2 OutKeys.
OutKey is made from a single piece of premium brass.

Although research is still going on how Brass responds to the COVID-19 virus, there have been multiple studies in the past that state that copper and it's alloys like Brass are inherently antimicrobial.

OutKey is not a medical tool, it is aimed at reducing direct contact with shared surfaces and should lead to decreased interaction with germs. We suggest our customers to clean the OutKey once a day.

OutKey is made in India. Know more at -

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