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Spare Batteries and Extra Memory Cards – The Unsung Heroes of Photography

Beautiful sceneries and soothing sights are often captured in your camera. The photos you click symbolize the moment, and it becomes a permanent memory that’ll be with you throughout your life. But many times, you have to skip the much-awaited photo session because your camera’s battery life didn’t help your cause. And in some cases, the dreaded “memory full” message pops up, and you are left with no other option at that point of time. Therefore, your camera accessories kit isn’t complete without extra batteries and memory cards.

A spare battery allows you to plan the photo session with increased flexibility. Consider the case when you have a single battery, and whenever it drains out, you cannot take photos until the battery is recharged. This results in a loss of priceless photos of may be places you won’t be visiting again. Such incidents also have an impact on your mood, and your mind would always be hunting for a charging port to recharge the battery. However, things change drastically when you are carrying spare batteries with you. With the leverage of an extra battery, you can form a cycle of shoot-replace-recharge-shoot and this way you won’t miss out on any photos. 

As a photographer, ensure that you purchase a memory card of higher capacities. Some cameras have the highest supportable card size limit, and in such scenarios, it is always preferable to carry multiple memory cards. As soon as one card is saturated, you can simply switch with a new empty card, and you are good to go once again. To make a perfect combination of switch-and-use, you can transfer the files into your laptop or cloud storage, and when you do so, you have a fresh and emptied memory card before a new day’s beginning. The card that you purchase is dependent on your camera because you need to keep in mind the frame rates, speed supported and a lot more.

Camera accessories like tripods and lenses often take the limelight because they are on the visible end of the spectrum. But the importance of spare batteries and extra memory cards is often overlooked. However, there’s no ray of hope when your camera signals battery low and you have a substitute battery in your bag. So, don’t risk your passion or profession of photography and optimize your kit with the addition of batteries and memory cards. 

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