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Why should only Technology upgrade to 4G & 5G?

Education also needs to upgrade to Education 4.0 

As I was researching on what is new and latest in the education vertical and what innovation educational institutes are bringing in the education ecosystem to make learning better, specifically to deal with lockdown and COVID-19 scenario , I came across Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) which caught my attention. 

PIET, which I learnt is one of the best engineering colleges in North India and is situated in Delhi-NCR (Panipat), has made some good steps to transition to the next level. It was quite a surprise to know how the college is performing in terms of adapting to the new and effective education methods and parameters and how they continued to upgrade their education system. These upgrades have also helped them in being well-prepared to face the nationwide lockdown challenges effectively. 

The institute has brought Education 4.0 into the play to match the changing Industrial paradigms (Industry 4.0). It is a powerful concept as it prepares an individual through education, training, and pedagogy to contribute to himself, family, society, nation and to humanity the best way possible.

So, what exactly is Education 4.0, you may ask?

Education 4.0 is not only a technical system, but it is also about your heart, mind, and soul and how you will learn to regulate it. It involves: 
  • Education 4.0 does not put the entire focus on marks and grades. The pressure of scoring high in examination impacts negatively to student’s wellbeing. Rather focus on ‘Students Development Index’ based on not just IQs but also on Knowledge Quotients (KQs) and Emotional Quotients (EQs). 
  • Education 4.0 stresses on moving from factory oriented approach for sustainable learning. It also emphasis on learning and not memorizing. This will improve classroom attendance as well as reduce school dropout rate. Simultaneously, it will also enhance quality of knowledge and skills. 
  • Under Education 4.O, there is one more quotient called as Social Quotient (SQs), this aims at making students “Life-Long Learners” and to help in overall personality development. Future Education models should focus on creating Higher SQs and ability to control one’s mind. This would also require educators to become mentors to facilitate greater learning and knowledge sharing in the country.

In fact, using Education 4.0 tools PIET seamlessly transited from an offline mode to a virtual delivery mechanism within a few hours of announcement of lockdown, while the rest of India was struggling to move.

Education 4.0 Tools 

These Education 4.0 tools comprise of Blended Learning, Differential Learning and other innovative modes of learning and discussions. 

Blended Learning provides the flexibility to both the student as well as the facilitator to dip into various online platforms, tools and engage in a constructive learning methodology. 

Differential Learning entails the process whereas a function of the learning abilities of a student, the students is identified as a Slow or Advanced Learner and concepts are explained to him as per their needs. 

The Automated Video Capture facility assists the students to refer the delivered sessions at any time as per the student’s needs. 

The Virtual Learning and Training process has ensured that students as well as teachers regularly participate in a series of webinars, faculty development programs and online learning modules run by institutions like AICTE, MHRD and the Government of India.

The AI Based Evaluation system helps both categories of students: the sharp ones and the ones who have a slow pace of learning. The AI based evaluation system helps both type of students to evaluate themselves and identify their weaker points so that they can work on it and improve themselves in further examinations.

As I dig deeper, I found out that justifying their reputation as one of the best engineering and MBA colleges in Delhi-NCR, they recently organized an Education 4.0 summit. 

It was an Education Summit where the Edu Leaders explored what our rapidly changing world meant for the future of our education institutions, teachers, and learners:


DEMYSTIFYING THE MYTH-Conducting Online Classes " The Real Spirit of Education 4.0" on May 30th, 2020 The video of the summit can be accessed here:

It is good to know that there is an institute which is thinking out of the box so that they excel not only in academics and professionally, but also in other important aspects of life.

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