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Find the pieces that look instantly at home in your home as PortsideCafé unleashes its new collection: BohemeChic’20

Transition into the season with an eclectic, wanderlust style of furniture & home accessories that embrace the adventurous traveler at heart, as PortsideCafe unveils its new collection - - BohemeChic’ 20. The inspiration takes its cues from ‘campaign furniture’ and gives it a modern twist with the use of different textures, materials and shapes – its all about free spirited styling and originality.

Guided by the theme ‘muted elegance’, each piece in the BohemeChic Collection is meticulously detailed & crafted and speaks a language of evolved sense of aesthetic with more than a hint to nostalgia and the fun that is attached to childhood memories.

PortsideCafe offers a fresh perspective on traditional furniture to provide shoppers with a new source for inspiration and attainable, original design.

From the incredible comfort of the Sink & Flow Lounge to the smartly elegant Pied Piper Side Table, every piece in the BohemeChic collection is both welcoming and graceful. The material mix in this collection has leather, brass, cast aluminium, burnt wood, oiled teak wood, canvas and other elements to create timeless furniture, products & accessories for your home.

Maintain the spirit of easy going, bohemian attitude with PortsideCafé’s latest collection now available across stores and online soon.

About PortsideCafé

PortsideCafé is a furniture store that aims to make a statement with it’s individual pieces, rather than taking over an entire space with one style.

Each of its handcrafted and handfinished pieces are a testament to PortsideCafé founder and designer Bobby Aggarwal’s idea of exquisite craftsmanship melded with novel design. The handstained leather, metal finishing, unique stitching and vibrant colours all come together to evoke an elegant & luxurious, yet strangely easygoing sense of boheme aesthetic.

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