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Global Fashion Network (GFN) is hosting IFM Awards to find and reward the best fashion professionals in Australia and celebrate Indian Fashion in STYLE

New Delhi, 23rd July 2020
Global Fashion Network (GFN) is hosting IFM Awards to find and reward the best fashion professionals in Australia and celebrate Indian Fashion in STYLE. The Award Ceremony & Fashion show will be hosted in Sydney on 10th October 2020*. 

GFN is an exclusive fashion platform to connect and collaborate with Fashion Professionals. It runs various programs of Fashion in Sydney, Melbourne and Delhi ranging from Model Training, hosting Fashion Shows, Launch of Designer collection and publication of International Fashion Magazine. Many established & renowned fashion professionals from India, Australia & other countries are connected & collaborating with GFN.

The Jury panel for IFM Awards includes very renowned and established Indian fashion personalities like Liza Varma (Former Femina Miss India and Trainer of Miss World Manushi Chillar), Dr Varun Katyal (Celebrity Pageant Groomer), Hida Siddiqui (Femina Style Diva), Rony Kaula (Filmmaker & Celebrity Photographer), Joy Mitra (Fashion Designer) 

There are multiple categories of awards for Models, Fashion Designers, Make-up Artists, Fashion Photographers, Stylists & Fashion Blogger. Followings are some of the top awards for which the competing participants be aiming for

“Fashion Model of the Year”

“Fashion Designer of the Year”

“Make-up Artist of the Year”

“Fashion Photographer of Year”

In Model Category there are many subcategories including Emerging Model of year, Curvy Model of the Year and Petite Model of Year. To make it more inclusive & diverse, there is also categories for fashion professionals of neighboring countries like Fiji, Nepal, Srilanka & Bangladesh, who work & contribute in Indian Fashion. Some of the very established & renowned Models like Kavya (India) Prativa ( Nepal), Neekita N ( Fiji), Tanya J (Srilanka), Jaskiran H ( India), Kangan S (India) & many others are in race to win the top awards of Model Category. Similarly, many renowned Fashion Designers, Make-up Artists and Photographers are in contention for top award in their categories.

PRAD (PRADEEP VATS), CEO of Global Fashion Network Australia, the man behind vision of IFM Awards is very upbeat and excited with the response received from many fashion professionals of India & other countries. Our aim through IFM Awards is to provide a professional, accessible, trustful & Big Fashion Platform to create opportunities for all fashion professionals and make Indian Subcontinent Fashion shine in Australia. We have a plan to take the IFM Awards to India in 2021 with support of elite fashion personalities like Liza Varma, Dr Varun Katyal, Hida Siddiqui, Rony Kaula, Joy Mitra and few others.

IFM Fashion Awards is getting great response from all cities of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Renowned fashion personalities like Dimple Doshi – Mrs. India Worldwide ( AU), Upma Kite – Mrs. Australia Universal 2019,Nureen Chowdhury – Mrs Bangladesh Universal, Geoff Cavanagh – Spectrum Visual Media from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are on board as IFM Fashion Ambassadors and are doing excellent job of spreading awareness about IFM awards & encouragement to participants across Australia. 

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