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India Is Now More Connected With Global Investment Markets

As announced by the World Business Angels Investment Forum, Chandra Shukla, Advisory Council Member of the Harvard Business Review & Vice President at TD, has been appointed as Senator for India. Senator Shukla to represent India at the Grand Assembly of the World Business Angels Investment Forum. The inclusion of India in WBAF provides a wide range of opportunities for India’s start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses and opens doors for economic development.

(London) With this new appointment, India has joined the largest forum of the world’s equity investment markets and will now be able to connect more with the global investors market, which will open up splendid opportunities for the country. Now local India angel investors, incubation centres, accelerators, private equity funds, co-investment funds, technology parks, corporate ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs will have more opportunity to connect with global leaders in the same field.

The inclusion of India in WBAF provides a wide range of opportunities for India’s start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses and opens doors for economic development.

Baybars Altuntas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Business Angels Investment Forum says “As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnerships for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the WBAF supports start-ups, develops entrepreneurial ecosystems, and helps venture capital and companies connect with international companies, fin-techs and other relevant institutions. We are confident about our contribution to the economic development of the country by facilitating connections with entrepreneurial ecosystems. We strongly believe that India will soon become a country that can foster the development of its economy in a more entrepreneurial atmosphere.”

About the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the 
World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) is committed to collaborating globally to empower the economic development of the world by fostering innovative financial instruments for startups, scaleups, innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs and to promoting gender equality and women’s participation in all sectors of the world economy. WBAF invites you to join our global efforts to ease access to finance, promote financial inclusion, and create more jobs and social justice.

WBAF accomplishes its mission through various parties and channels. These include: 138 high commissioners, senators and international partners from 79 countries; 7 country offices on 5 continents; the WBAF Business School and its more than 50 faculty members from 32 countries; and 5 international working committees. WBAF also has an angel investment fund, partnerships with  12 global institutions, and economic cooperation agreements with 5 governments. The WBAF World Congress, held in February of each year, hosts at least 5 summits and numerous other events, including a Global Fundraising Stage and a World Excellence Awards ceremony. WBAF also boasts a number of publications, among which are the WBAF Business School Journal, World Class Startup Magazine, and Angel Investor Review Online.

About GPFI

The Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) is an inclusive platform for all G20 countries, interested non-G20 countries, and relevant stakeholders to carry forward work on financial inclusion, including implementation of the G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan endorsed at the G20 Summit in Seoul. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is the Honorary Patron of the GPFI.

About Chandra Shukla

Chandra is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematics, and creating solutions to real-life challenges utilizing all these. He is a sought-after expert in the domain. He is often invited to high-profile conferences like Open Data Science Conference, Chief Data and Analytics Conference, and Ai4Finance conference, to name a few.

He is currently affiliated with the Advanced Analytics Team at TD Bank, New York. While in India, he worked for a short stint at Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J PAL) on randomized control trial whose principal investigator was Prof Abhijeet Banerjee (Noble Prize 2019).

He is a recipient of the prestigious Data Science for Social Good Fellowship.

During his grad school, he designed an AI-powered business process (patent pending) to sell the eBooks at a price chosen by the users. The initial prototype is available at He is also the father of the problem-solving website which is utilizing Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine Learning techniques to empower people solving their problems.

In addition to being at the forefront of the technical domain, he has occupied several leadership positions as well. He is a Board member of the Michigan Engineering Alumni Board and IIT BHU Global Alumni Association. He has also held multiple board positions while in grad school, including the Vice President of the Industrial and Operations Engineering Leadership Board at the University of Michigan.

He has featured in Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who Top Executive.

He is also a chartered member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) New York chapter.


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