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MagTapp in far better than more than 10 Chinese apps including UC Browser

With Indian Government's recent banning of 59 chinese apps there has been a huge demand in country made apps. Tapping into that sentiment, some youth have developed an indigenous mobile application cum web browser to give people a substitute of the Chinese UC browser, U dictionary and WPS reader, all in one.

MagTapp is a visual web browser with an inbuilt visual document reader, visual dictionary, and a translation feature. Anyone who faces difficulty while reading English content on their phone due to difficult words just needs to 'tap' on the word (long press on the word) and the visual meaning of that word appears instantly.

The web browser is developed by a team of Satyapal Chandra, Rohan Singh, Abhishek Singh, Sagar Malhotra and Ashish Virkar. This app is proving to be far better than Chinese apps (UC Browser) of the same category. The biggest feature of this app is its 'Visual Dictionary'. This dictionary helps people in finding the meaning of any word from any language. The meaning is not only written, heard but can be seen through images as well.

The founder of the app claims that due to the rise in Boycott China trend, the app has been downloaded more than 10 lakh times within a few months of launching on Google Play Store and currently has a rating of 4.8 to 4.9 with more than 1 million active users., 'MagTapp' saw a huge surge in downloading.

First ever visual browser in the world

Satyapal Chandra, founder and CEO of 'MagTapp' says that the app is completely 'Made in India'. He also says that it is the first of its kind experiment in the entire world.

MagTapp is a unique app with a visual browser as well as visual document reader, visual dictionary, translation and e-learning features. This app has been specially designed to eliminate the language barrier. As best of the information on Internet is in English, this app can translate any word, sentence or entire paragraph into 12 native languages of the country including Hindi and 30 international languages. Along with browser, this app can translate any word in Whatsapp, Facebook & Messenger, just by tapping on it. Not only this, many extra features have also been added to this app for the period of lockdown. On this app, study material for children as well as for preparation of competition exam from bank, railway to UPSC level is available in text and video format at absolutely zero cost.

No language barrier is sole aim of 'MagTapp'

Rohan Kumar, founder and CPO of 'MagTapp' who designed 'MagTapp', has recently launched its updated version 'MagTapp 2.0'. Many more features have been added in this new update, so that this app will prove to be better than China's UC browser as well as Google's Chrome and Opera browser. He said that the translation feature of the app will now be able to translate instantly in 29 foreign languages including French, German, Italian and Arabic alongside 12 Indian languages. With this feature, people with basic knowledge of Indian languages can learn all the main languages of the world, sitting at home. Apart from these, the facility of translation from voice to voice and picture to voice has also been provided in this new update.  Rohan further says that a person who knows any language in the world can talk to a person who knows any other language without any problem.The technical aspects of the app is looked after by his 18 years old younger brother Abhishek who is the CTO of this company.

Plan to acquire more than 10 Millions users in 2020

Sagar Malhotra, who is founder and Marketing head of this company says that MagTapp alone caters the need of more than 10 apps in its size of 34MB. MagTapp can easily access Saadi websites or online apps released from GK, Current Affairs, Education, Jobs, Entertainment, Sports, Shopping and Travel along with various features like entertainment, current affairs, flight-train tickets and banking. Apart from this, more than 10,000 books are available for free in this app, so that any user can prepare for any competition exam like IAS, IIT, Medical, Bank, SSC, CA etc. Along with this, there are more than 8000 videos in this app, which will help in preparing. Malhotra also emphasises that due to its free and multipurpose use, MagTapp will have more than 10 million Indian people by the end of this year.

Visual meaning on a Tap is the best feature

Ashish Virkar, the company's one of the founders and head of operations says that given the importance of English, the most attractive feature of the app is its visual dictionary and visual meaning on a Tap. By this, while reading a news paper or any English document on the browser, if you do not understand the meaning of a word, then after pressing on that word for one second, the meaning of the word with the photo comes out. By turning on a function of the app, English messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. can be easily read in Hindi.

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