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With the launch of its newest platforms Anuvadak and Prabandhak, Reverie takes bridging the digital language divide into a new level. In a country like India, where 90% of the population is local language literate, the untapped market potential is very high. Reverie aims to empower businesses to dip into the 536 million-language literate customer base that is waiting to be explored


For this, first, it is important for businesses to service customers in the language of their choice. Secondly, embracing the digital channel is vital in today's scenario for all industries. Thirdly, businesses must ensure localized presence across apps and online properties.


Reverie's two platforms Anuvadak and Prabandhak are one-stop solution to all your localization and translation needs. While Anuvadak enables businesses to publish websites in multiple languages expanding its reach to a wider audience, Prabandhak has created a niche by enabling language service providers, individual translators and enterprises to improve productivity and translate content four times faster than average speed.

Anuvadak provides a streamlined and simplified dashboard that makes the whole process of publishing, updating and maintaining a website in multiple languages extremely easy. It has built-in SEO tools that makes the website SEO compliant in any language, which means that a company's localized website will start showing up in search queries as more and more people search in their respective languages. The platform is integrated and supports all third party technologies and APIs for websites. The platform is easy to set up and automates repetitive tasks involved in translating, hosting, and scaling content for localized websites.

At the same time it keeps a track of the original content and makes all necessary changes to the translated versions of the website automatically. All in all, it reduces time-to-go-live and decreases costs as well.

Prabandhak provides a unified platform to all stakeholders (Language Service Providers (LSPs), individual translators and enterprises/other businesses) of the Indic language industry, thus enabling translation of a large volume of quality content in real-time, in a transparent manner and cost-effective manner with ease and within a much shorter time frame. Additionally, it enhances accuracy by proofreading drafts and ensuring quick (turnaround time TAT).

Furthermore, it has an in-built market place that enables businesses and individual translators/LSPs to interact with each other in real-time depending on the set budget, quality and time expectations. Also, there is a  ''Auto Recompile" feature that allows you to keep the translated document identical to source documents, which helps in minimizing cost and TAT.  

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