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THERMOMETER A new Essential in your Medical Kit

Mr. Jagdeep Khattar, MD Health-N-Jig expresses his views on How to use your Thermometer

New Delhi, 16th July 2020
As the nation witnessed a surge in numbers for Covid-19, Thermometers has become a weapon of utmost necessity. An elevated temperature is one of the key signs of infection with the novel coronavirus, though not everyone infected will develop a fever. Still, taking your temperature is one of the recommended steps in determining whether a person has the virus.

Now once you have the thermometer, are you aware of checking your right temperature at home? Mr. Jagdeep Khattar MD Health-N-Jig explains in detail

- When you are feeling that you have fever, the first thing that comes handy is a god thermometer , Regular temperature checks with a contactless infrared thermometer is a must now , once you are out
- Thermometers work on a very basic philosophy , it might show in accurate reading ( Mercury one ) as well at times , thus comes the digital infrared contactless thermometer
- Thermometers typically make use of infrared technology which sensor the heat from the forehead or other parts of the body to detect a flare-up in temperature.
- Different thermometers can also throw up different reasons largely because of the way you use them. The Mercury ones that are considered traditional ones were taken orally, while digital ones, experts have started taking through axillary. Of course, one should be aware that there is a 1-degree Fahrenheit difference between the oral and the auxiliary
- There is a difference between temperatures taken in day and the same being taken at night, therefore one should always take 3 of the best 5 readings , definitely the higher side
- Because of the nature of the novel virus Covid-19, one should record your body temperature twice a day

The company Health-N-Jig is also in process of making the thermometer of one of its kind with various USP’S and specifications such as its self calibration mode, Android application for data logging , compatible to all type of Thermopile sensor ( Analog & Digital ) and a host of other features which should be out in the market by end of July 2020.

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