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Victoria Cakes , An American Model Helped India During The Tough Times Of The Pandemic

Victoria Cakes, an American model swears to support India in it’s tough times during the pandemic. Her real name is Andrea Crabtree.  The actress has been featured in more than 50 movies and has also been a model for many magazines. She is willing to partner with various charity organizations in India to do her part in curbing the huge impact of COVID-19.

The Indian government did a great job in locking down the whole country which resulted in better control of the spread of the virus. Cakes was overwhelmed by the response of the Indian government as a similar step was taken in the West of The United States.

The actress/ model quoted,
“I decided to support Indian because the lockdown in the country is the largest across the world affecting more than a billion people across the country”

During her speaking sessions with media in Los Angeles she stated that working with as many Indian charities in order to help the affected during this pandemic is the only thought in her mind.
She further added, “I was inspired by several Indian actors and models right from childhood. I learned a lot from them. My decision to become a model was partly inspired by Indian actors and models.”

Victoria Cakes has her own production house by the name of “Victoria Cakes Production” and has pledged to help registered charity organizations in our country.

This pandemic has been a huge hit to the world, economically as well as mentally to the people around us, so as humans we should reach out to those who are in tough positions. Victoria believes in helping each other during this time and that is a really important factor during the pandemic.

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