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Craytonix - The Digital Agency in Mumbai for Affordable Software and Web Development Services

Craytonix is a reputed and established digital marketing and web development company, based in Mumbai, India. Craytonix is a young and talented group of entrepreneurs, engineers and website designers. The agency provides smart and tech solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.

"Our strategies and ideas have reduced the web and app development cost almost half of the market cost and better in quality." Says Mrs. Seema Kulshrestha.

The brainchild of our founders and cofounders  in viral Digital marketing and tech and has helped several business giants break the internet.

In existence for nearly 5 years, Craytonix has based its know-how on functional expertise coupled with rigorous learning of its customers' business processes. It is never easy to find software that perfectly matches your needs, Craytonix's team of developers and programmers develop custom software to startups, MSMEs and Fortune 500 companies from all over the World. 

Craytonix is one of the very few digital agencies that supports its clients from the audit side to the completion of their projects. "Our expertise consists in providing you with the 4 major technical assets that you must have: mobility, automation, the cloud, and security.", says Mrs. Seema Kulshrestha

CEO and Founder of Craytonix.

Craytonix's highly professional and experienced team specializes in custom software development. The team uses a variety of software's, frameworks for client's projects. They adopt a Lean Startup philosophy in all their development projects.

"We are specialized in the IT development of complex solutions with high added value. We adopt a Lean Startup philosophy in our developments. Our varied expertise as well as our innovative commercial approach have enabled us to collaborate with clients who are leaders in their sector of activity." Says Mr Siddhant.

The company is driven by its core philosophy to improve the efficiency of it's solutions, master the processes of its customers, offer simple and uncluttered interfaces and most important, support its customers over time.

Craytonix team's varied expertise as well as their innovative commercial approach has enabled the digital agency to collaborate with clients who are leaders in their sector of activity.

"We help them to be more productive by modernizing their information systems. To do this, we have developed basic modules, from which we add a tailor-made development layer making it possible to create the most suitable tool for them." says Mrs. Seema Kulshrestha CEO and founder of Craytonix

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Cray's service and the entire team gives utmost importance to the long-term success of its clients IT projects.

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