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DisplayRide partners with Vodafone Idea Business Services to enable Rideshare Monitoring as a Service (RMaaSTM)

A pioneering end-to-end solution that addresses the growing safety concerns in the rideshare industry and beyond.

San Jose, CA, USA, August 13th, 2020.  DisplayRide Inc., an innovator focused on enhancing the rideshare experience, announced that it has partnered with Vodafone Idea Business Services, the enterprise arm of Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL), India's leading telecom operator, to enable Rideshare Monitoring as a Service (RMaaSTM), an industry-first solution that delivers an enhanced & safer rideshare experience.

Safety in rideshare is increasingly a growing problem: specifically, undesirable incidents (including physical and verbal assaults) are becoming relatively commonplace. Further, knowing what transpired during an incident is extremely challenging, and an investigation entails a substantial cost to rideshare companies. The RMaaSTM addresses these challenges effectively and economically. 

The DisplayRide Rideshare Monitoring Platform (RMPTM), on which the solution is based, is a purpose-built platform that video (and optionally, audio) monitors inside and outside of a vehicle independently during a ride. It's focus on deterrence and documenting the entire ride makes rideshare a much safer experience. 

The partnership brings together DisplayRide's RMPTM innovation with Vodafone Idea Business Services' extensive capability with large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to deliver Rideshare Monitoring as a Service  (RMaaSTM), a seamless end-to-end service that can be deployed and scaled rapidly, and at a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Abhijit Kishore, Director- Enterprise Business, Vodafone Idea Limited said, "We are pleased to partner with DisplayRide to enable the launch of RMaaSTM - an innovative, value-added service to enterprises. The partnership signifies our continued commitment towards offering leading-edge smart mobility solutions, powered by our deep IoT expertise and comprehensive portfolio, to the entire automotive value chain. This proposition ensures safety of both drivers and commuters and is even more relevant in the current circumstances where health & safety are paramount. This innovative offering will help ride-hailing companies to improve their safety and hygiene standards."

"We are excited to partner with Vodafone Idea Business Services, to deliver RMaaSTM – the first such service anywhere globally ", said Abdul Kasim, CEO of DisplayRide. "Safety is a major impediment to the rapid growth of rideshare; with RMaaSTM, we offer a state-of-art solution that makes rideshare significantly safer; importantly, we will be able to scale these benefits to hundreds of thousands of rideshare vehicles rapidly and economically".

DisplayRide's Rideshare Monitoring Platform (RMPTM) offers a host of additional services including an advertising/branding platform, as well as extensive analytics. It also has features that support COVID-19 related hygiene and safety protocols.   It can be easily integrated to Rideshare platforms as well as Service Providers' operational support systems through an API. More information is available by contacting us at

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