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New Job Opportunities Opening Up Because of The Pandemic In India

One of the countries that have been significantly impacted by the spread of the novel coronavirus is India. With over 120 million jobs lost, the people of the country have been suffering for the past few months. The world has changed, and it can be said that going back to the old ways will now be tough. Where some industries have seen huge losses because of the pressure, some are still thriving and even growing despite being hit by COVID-19.

The industries are doing their best to adapt to the new ways of living with new innovative solutions to maintain job offerings despite the lockdowns and social distancing norms. 

Is 2020 The Cybersecurity ‘New Normal’?

The supermarkets, physical shops, and shopping malls have closed due to the new guidelines which have led the population to turn towards online shopping solutions. Companies that offer food delivery, such as Swiggy and Zomato, have seen a surge in popularity and demand. Furthermore, online websites such as Amazon and other local companies are being chosen for other services.

Online shopping leads to online orders, deliveries, and payments, which in turn has increased the risk in internet security, especially for the companies that regularly work and communicate online.

The number of Ransomware attacks has grown considerably in the past six months, with a lot of hackers finding access to Zoom meetings and other online platforms. One major hacking fiasco happened last month when 450 email addresses and passwords of the WHO employees became public along with a lot of sensitive information.

Hence, the cybersecurity experts are in high demand, which has to lead the experts to believe that this sector will be immune to the recession if the demand from the other industries keeps on increasing.  

This growth in demand can also be seen in India, where the job opportunities have skyrocketed with fewer people to fill in the positions. Job roles such as Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Analysts, Cybersecurity Consultants, Cybersecurity Engineers, Pen Testers, Security Architects, and Security Engineers has grown considerably. 

Increase In Demand Lead To 50,000 New Job Openings By Amazon

One of the companies that have seen a rise in demand is Amazon. The company has been dramatically affected by the sudden increase in the number of customers and hence has announced over 50,000 job openings in India to deal with it.

The jobs being offered are seasonal because of the US and European markets entering the summer season. These will run for the next few months, and the offerings include roles in the delivery network and centre-positions to part-time jobs for the Amazon Flex-Contractors. 

Amazon said that: “The associates will join other thousands of associates across Amazon India’s fulfilment and delivery network and assist them to pick, pack, ship, and deliver customers’ orders more efficiently.”

A lot of Indians who have lost their jobs to the pandemic have been relieved with this news from Amazon.

The VP, Customer Fulfilment Operations, APAC, MENA & LATAM Akhil Saxena, said: “One thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is how important a role Amazon and e-commerce can play for our customers as much as for small businesses and the economy. We are creating work opportunities for close to 50,000 seasonal associates across our fulfilment and delivery network.” 

Online Gambling Industry Becoming The New Leader For Job Creation

The online gambling industry is another sector that has been active during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been keeping it’s cool despite the havoc in the world. 

With people staying at home and having a lot of time on their hands, Gambling has become one of the most preferred hobbies for a lot of Indians. Because of the innovation and quick turnaround, the industry has been able to provide non-stop entertainment through their online games even after facing a lot of challenges. 

Most of the live casino studios have been closed because of the COVID-19 spread. This has led the game providers to come up with new strategies that allow the dealers to stream the games from the safety of their own homes. People around the world are loving this new never-seen-before solution for live games. 

A lot of remote job positions also may have opened up for the Indians with the increasing demand for hybrid table games.

Even if the COVID is not taken into consideration, independent research that was done by Esse N Videri Media, and Spinsvilla has shown that the online gambling industry has shifted its focus towards the Indian Market and will be creating more games and gambling opportunities for them. 

“We have noticed a steady increase in search volumes for local table games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti on” says the Managing Director at Esse N Videri Media, Mattias Bargehed.

Some of the online casinos have started including Hindi speaking dealers in their table games and also websites such as has seen an increase in the India-focused gambling tables in the past few years. The new Bollywood tables have also become an attraction at these casino websites. Read recent updates and gambling news on Spinsvilla.

To conclude, it can be said that both Hindi and English-speaking Indian natives are in demand because of the new remote work environment that has been created due to COVID. The new normal has made the casino sector an excellent job seeking sectors even for the Indians that come with a huge possibility overall.

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