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Doctors save 9-year-old girl who got strangulated while playing in a saree hammock

Many accidents and mishaps occurring at home are avoidable. By identifying and understanding the potential risks and taking some basic safety measures, it is possible to keep your children safe. Children, usually are unable to assess these risks. Their perception of the environment around them is often limited and their lack of experience and development, can result in them being injured. Parents need to be extra cautious with their children to prevent such incidence.

A 9-year-old girl, Riya (name changed), was playing with her little sister in a hammock from a ceiling hook which was made out of saree. While she was swinging, she got strangulated accidently and became unresponsive. Neighbour who passed by, saw the child hanging with twisted saree around her neck. Then they immediately rushed the child to Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield. The incident occurred in her home when she and her younger sister were alone.

The child was rushed to ER in an unresponsive state with shock and had multiple episodes of convulsions. Doctors immediately attended and initiated resuscitation. Her airway was secured by putting a breathing tube in her windpipe and artificial ventilation was started. On examination ligation mark was seen around her neck.

Talking about the incident Dr. S.P. Senthil Kumar, Consultant Pediatric, Neonatal & Cardiac Intensivist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield who treated the child said, “Neighbours brought the child to ER in a near arrest condition. Due to severe asphyxia she was comatosed and was seizuring continuously. The child was immediately resuscitated and artificial ventilation was established. CT scan showed swelling of her brain cells due to severe oxygen deprivation. We started her on mechanical ventilation, anticonvulsants and medications to reduce brain swelling along with other supportive measures. She was admitted in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and her vital parameters were continuously monitored. Over the next few days she recovered neurologically well and we could take her out from the respiratory support. Timely emergent intervention and airway management is very crucial for intact neurological recovery. Iam happy that our PICU and ER team could manage to save this girl’s life”.

“We are happy that our daughter is safe. We had stepped out for work and let our kids play at the home and never imagined this would happen. We will be careful with our kids henceforth. We are really grateful for the immediate treatment given by the doctors and saving our child. We are thankful to the neighbors and doctors and staff at Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield,” said Riya’s Mother.

After the treatment, now the girl is stable and recovering. She has been discharged from the hospital.

Dr.Senthil added that in most parts of India, still saree hammocks is routinely used as a cradle for infants. Awareness about serious hazards associated is lacking among common public.

Below are the few child safety precautions that parents need to undertake at their home to prevent asphyxial accidents:

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