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Foxhog Ventures Corp. in talks with GGV Capital to raise $ 63 Million at it’s highest valuation

Foxhog Ventures Corp.'s valuation rises from Zero to Millions overnight. Company is in talks with GGV Capital to raise $ 63 Million USD at it's highest valuation.

Led by Tarun Poddar in March 2020 to help small SMEs in India Company's valuation has risen overnight surprisingly with continued funds raised by Foxhog Ventures Corp. last week.

The Company better known for it's new launch Foxhog e-School The round would value the company at it's highest, before taking into account the new capital.

The funding is unlikely to be completed within the next couple months and terms could change. Any new funding would follow a slew of earlier rounds. At a roughly with it's valuation, Foxhog would rank as one of the fastest fund raiser after in India.

In a report dated 4th September 20 Experts said the company ultimately could be worth as much as $63.60 million. The bank said it remains "focused on the needs and sources of capital for Foxhog as a potential catalyst to increase the relevance of uses of Money in different sector.

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