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Paree launches #PartnersInProgress, an initiative to empower its employees

Rolls out ESOPs as rewards to encourage employee ownership

September 2020, New Delhi: The growth of an organization stems from the growth of its employees, as every employee brings value to a company in their own unique way. Soothe Healthcare, the parent company of Paree, a homegrown sanitary pad brand is advancing ahead by building a conducive environment that honours and appreciates its employee’s efforts with their newly launched #PartnersInProgress program.

The #PartnersInProgress endeavours Paree’s belief in equal opportunity for employment, enhancement, and elevation for the qualified. The management at Paree has decided to take a different approach towards individual growth of the employees by rewarding and recognizing them based on their skills and contribution and not by hierarchy.The career ladder at Paree revolves around dimensions such as skill building, personal growth and the responsibility taken in the organization which maps well to the culture and value of the company.

Under the initiative, Paree aims at increasing employee ownership in the organization by rolling out Employee Stock Options (ESOPs), a reward for their loyalty and commitment. The goal here is to motivate the employees and treat them equal while providing them with a great opportunity to participate in generating and sharing the wealth.

At Paree, diversity, dignity, talent and merit warrant absolute recognition. Our endeavor is to create an environment that nurtures and rewards high performers. Growth of an employee is measured through the impact they deliver on a role and the complexity of problems they are solving and designing a growth journey for the employees is the idea behind #PartnersInProgress. 

Sahil Dharia, CEO & Founder, Paree, shares, “A happy environment as well as safe work conditions is always a prerequisite to a successful company. Along with keeping our employees motivated and satisfied, customer centricity is at the heart of what we do. Over time we have built a culture where women partnership and gender equality play an important role and employees are considered as partners with greater ownership & participation. At Paree, our employees are the valuable asset and are the backbone of my organization and rewarding their relentless work through #PartnersInProgress is appreciation for their achievements.”

Paree is a progressive brand that values its workforce and believes in the favourable acknowledgement and advancement of every member because each one contributes in taking the company to new heights. With a focus on customer centricity, helmed by a determination to provide the best possible customer experience, Paree understands the importance of every employee.

About Paree  
Paree is a progressive women-centric, feminine health and hygiene brand, that addresses real menstrual issues through its products. We believe in highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene which will help -women prioritize their health and wellness while at the same time, taking steps to advocate menstrual health in our society.

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