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Patients live a good quality of life for the next 20 to 25 years after bypass surgery

~Our commitment is to make the bypass surgery as risk-free as procedure for our patients~

Mumbai: Heart bypass surgery can lower one’s risk of a heart attack, treats the symptoms of coronary artery disease and other heart problems. People have misinformation about bypass surgery and instead look for other options such as angioplasty or minimally invasive heart surgery. Hence, it is imperative to create awareness about best practices in heart bypass surgery as after undergoing it, symptoms like chest pain, breathing difficulties, chest tightness, and fatigue will tend to improve. 

Nowadays, owing to a faulty lifestyle and other factors such as family history or certain health conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, and blood pressure, many people may be at a greater risk of suffering from heart problems. Heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and other problems are seen in many patients. According to your heart condition your cardiac physician will advice you angioplasty or bypass surgery. While in some patients, coronary artery disease can be embracing a healthy lifestyle and medications, while others may require heart bypass surgery. 

Heart bypass surgery is a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon will take blood vessels from another part of one’s body to bypass a blocked artery. This will enable blood and oxygen flow to one’s heart again and increase blood supply to the heart muscle keeping heart attacks and other problems at bay. The recovery time from bypass surgery is 4 to 6 weeks. Hospital admission is about 5 to 6 days depending on one's recovery. 

Dr Bipeenchandra Bhamre, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, highlighted, “ In Indian patients, the coronary artery size is smaller than western population. Our patients have more often diabetic so bypass turns out to be a better way of treating multiple significant coronary artery blockages. After going through one's report, one will be adviced a better option for the heart condition one is having. The way this surgery is conducted in the modern era is by using gold standard bilateral internal mammary arteries as a conduits to bypass. No cuts on your hand or legs. It requires special skills as a surgeon to use these delicate arteries. Bilateral internal mammary arteries are used in the patients and patient recovery is faster."

The perception is bypass surgery means the end of the road is not correct. Patients live a good quality of life for the next 20 to 25 years. Its like you need to be self-disciplined for 4 to 6 weeks to live a good life afterwards. 

"It is also equally important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart problems. Stick to a well-balanced diet and eat fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Get a good night’s sleep, exercise daily, and avoid smoking and alcohol," concluded Dr. Bhamre.

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