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Prakash Bhosale Featured in “Top 10 Business Consultant in India”

Consultant Review, A leading corporate magazine for business & industries in India declared Prof. Prakash Bhosale - CEO of BBG eBranding Business Group as the top 10 Business Consultant in India 2020 in their latest September edition. He has done remarkable work in entrepreneurship startups for the young generation in Maharashtra. He also spoke about incorporating unique business strategies to start and grow a small business.

Consulting is one of the fastest growing industries with new consulting firms emerging everyday to develop innovative strategies for their dynamic businesses. In today's time, every business leader wants effective investment, utilization & management of resources. That only happens with the usage of expert services of Consultants. While the number of consultants is rising exponentially, it is not an easy task for executive decision makers to pick the right ones to redefine their business empire in a right way. On the other hand, many consultants who do not have big names in the market are struggling to find the much needed client base, even though they possess the required talent and expertise to fulfill any needs of the present market.

Prof. Prakash Bhosale is a first-generation entrepreneur & started business consultancy company in Mumbai; He has worked with leading B2B Portals, Top Media Company in Mumbai & helped hundreds of SMEs to grow their business worldwide. He has over 12 years of experience in Consulting, Education, Corporate, IT, Marketing domain. He is a well-known Business Consulting Expert in Mumbai & he also writes columns on Entrepreneurship & Business. He is the author of 4 books on Business, Entrepreneurship & Franchise available on Amazon. He is a renowned business columnist, writing for many newspapers, magazines, portals, blogs, products, brands. So far he has written 1400+ columns. He is also a mentor to many PhD and MBA students of business management and guided 90+ students to do their PhD.

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