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Promising Online Marketplace for the Grooming and Wellness Space in India

Mumbai - 30th September 2020: A new online platform Wellnessta is set to revolutionize the Indian grooming, fitness and wellness sector through market integration. Set to launch on October 2nd, 2020, Wellnessta is a SaaS and market place platform that will serve as an online arcade for buyers and sellers of grooming, fitness and wellness services such as Salon, Spas, Gym, Fitness, Ayurvedic massages, Yoga, Meditation, and Naturopathy. 

Based in Mumbai, Founder, Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, spearheading the Wellnessta platform said, “I have been looking forward to the launch of Wellnessta with great zeal. Working closely with my team to get this unorganized market organized and the entire process of working out the market entry, business plan, operations and launch has been overwhelming. I feel that the grooming, fitness and wellness space in India has been extremely fragmented reflecting extremely skewed prices and a lack of choices. The grooming, fitness and wellness space need a marketplace and Wellnessta will create that by giving mutually lucrative opportunities for the buyer and seller of these services”. 

Wellnessta will aid service providers and users with multiple opportunities to engage in B2B, B2C in a SaaS format. It will help enhance business efficiency and give better control of business metrics to the service provider, while allowing the service provider to hone the best deals and bargains for its customers. Wellnessta will be an inexpensive cloud software and online platform which will partner even the smallest service provider by giving them access to the online marketplace, also helping them modernize their business. 

“Most small businesses offering grooming, fitness and wellness services are independent entrepreneurs operating from their shops with little or no tools to grow their business or generate repeats client. Wellnessta will step in for such businesses and the Wellnessta software will help with appointment management, expense account & inventory management, payroll management, coupon management, multi outlet management, multi user admin and telephone customer support to empower them to manage and grow their online and offline business. Customers on the other hand are looking for good deals in locations accessible to them and Wellnessta will close this supply-gap through better accessibility, transparent pricing for wellness, fitness and grooming services. Explaining economics, “it aims to increase the supply of services to regulate price points, while demand already exists”, Singhai added.

About Wellnessta: is revolutionizing the Personal Grooming, Fitness and Wellness industry by providing affordable cloud software and market-place platform to the smallest of the service providers and giving them access to an online presence and helping modernize their business. Wellnessta's service providers’ software offers Appointment Management, Expense Account & Inventory Management, and Payroll Management, Coupon Management and Telephone Customer Support to empower them to manage and grow their online and offline business. WellnessTA, which means "Wellness To All," sums our motive to provide the best product to our business partners and consumers, offering seamless experience through Web, Android App and Apple App.

Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, the founder at Wellnessta is an avant-gardist. He is an administrator, creator and a brilliant conceptualizer in the advertising industry in India. He has been the mastermind behind creating a niche in advertising space of India through Brand Power and Medifacts TV advertising formats. He has created, directed and produced 200+ TV advertisements and thousands of digital videos in last 13 years. An added feather to his cap is his expertise in building and transforming companies through more than three decades of qualified corporate experience.

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