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Scooter Ritika Oil Expects The Growth Rate To Increase By 30%*

Patna: Popular edible oil brand Scooter-Ritika Oil has registered a whopping growth of 30% as compared to their last year's figures. The lockdown made businesses suffer all around the country. On the contrary, Scooter-Ritika Oil Pvt Ltd. made their team capable and built their potential for achieving exponential growth. The positive growth rate is visible in the numbers, now that the market has started to pick up. Festive season is expected to bring more cheer in the market.

Scooter-Ritika Oil has their distribution chain in multiple districts of Bihar, and is a leading name in the cooking oil domain. The brand has product-line comprising of Soya oil,Palm Oil and Vanaspati Oil. Scooter-Ritika Oil plans to further strenghten its hold in the state and expand its distributor network by tapping more regions.

Elaborating on the growth results of the brand, Company's Chairman, Mr. Babulal Data ( also producer of Shiv Classic, Mast Health Oil) said, " Cooking Oil is a common need of every household, and this is the reason for its continuous demand even during the months of lockdown. With market gearing up again, we have revamped our production capacity to meet the growing demand and provide our customers with superior quality of cooking oil."

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