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The Orient Express: Asian restaurants in Dubai that’ll leave you in awe

From Sumosan at Billionaire Mansion by Sanjeev Nanda to Zuma by Arjun Waney, here are the best Asian restaurants in Dubai!

A riot of flavours – that's probably the best way one can describe an evening with Asian cuisine. With innumerable Asian diners in Dubai itself, it is definitely quite a task to find the best ones. If you are looking for a well-rounded taste of Asia – from royal Thai and inventive Chinese fusions to authentic Japanese food – take a look at our top picks for Asian restaurants in Dubai.

Sumosan at Billionaire Mansion

Sumosan at Billionaire Mansion by Sanjeev Nanda redefines fine dining especially when it comes to Asian food. With a dual menu that features the best of Italian and Japanese delicacies, Sumosan keeps its guests hooked by offering them an experience like never before. The food is delectable, and the ambience is awe-inducing. Live performances by artists act as icing on the cake.

China Grill

China Grill might be expensive, but every bit of money spent at this restaurant is totally worth it. From the chic ambience to the mouth-watering food, everything about this place screams 'classy'. The food combines the elements of traditional Chinese cuisine with specialties from around the world. For people who are looking for something 'strictly Asian', the restaurant has plenty of offerings on the menu such as kalbi-spiced barbecued short ribs with kimchi.

Miss Tess

Another feast for the senses by restauranteur Sanjeev Nanda, Miss Tess is a quirky and fun spot in Business Bay, ideal for people who are looking for a lively night out. The menu features a plethora of Asian specialties coming from Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and China, which are bound to leave the guests enchanted with the flavours. What's more?  The live performances by dancers and martial artists are just as breath-taking as the food!


Thiptara literally translates into 'magic at the water', which is precisely what the restaurant is famous for. With intricately designed ceilings, glowing lanterns, and seats by the waterfront, the place feels like a tiny Thai gourmet island. From sweet and spicy tom yum goong soup to thod maan poo deep-fried crab cakes and the succulent yum nuer yang beef salad, almost every dish on the menu is delectable.


Zuma by Arjun Waney is one of the very best spots in Dubai if you wish to enjoy authentic Japanese delicacies such as otoro sashimi that melts in mouth or the toothsome raw wagyu stuffed into sushi and topped by caviar. The izakaya-inspired restaurant has a serene, Zen atmosphere that offers a fuss-free dining experience right in the heart of the bustling Dubai. Zuma's spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, sweet soy and red chilli is a must-try.

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