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Canada is the most popular country for Indian students says Rudraksh Immigration Mohali

Rudraksh Immigration Group, Mohali over a period of 27 years have certainly witnessed the shift of student's choice towards Canada

The number of Indian students opting to study in Canada has seen an exponential growth, especially over the last decade. There are a multitude of factors contributing to this immigration. We shall try to discover the reasons behind this trend, as explained by Rudraksh Immigration Group, Mohali, having an experience of over 27 years. They have certainly witnessed the shift in front of their eyes. 

Academic Quality

Canadian Universities boast of featuring in the best 100 universities in the world consistently. There is no denying the fact that Canadian Universities score high ranks in research and vocational experience, particularly in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Biotechnology and Business Administration, among others. The degrees obtained in Canada are equivalent to any degree across the globe, which avoids the problems of the education not being recognised in some other country later on.

Immigration Laws

Canadian government has eased up a lot of immigration laws in the past few years when it comes to Indian students. Policies like SDS (Study Direct Stream) Program and Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allow students to get a post-study work permit of up to 3 years. This makes choosing Canada over other countries that much easier, once a student in India has made up his/her mind to pursue higher education abroad. The immigration and citizenship laws welcome the influx of deserving candidates, contributing immensely to the economy of the country. Canadians do value the hard work that the students put in to have a specialization in a particular field. Getting a well-paid job, thereafter, is not too difficult. This is a tempting opportunity for any young pupil dreaming of having a successful career abroad. 

Language and Expenses

One of the most essential reasons of opting for Canada is the language. As one is aware, English is the official language of communication in Canada. In India, most of the students who have completed a Bachelor's degree, have English as the medium of communication as well. Also, since the school education is also in English for many students, language is not a barrier to immigrate to Canada at all. The same cannot be said about Europe. Not knowing the official language of a particular country in Europe does pose huge challenges for students. In contrast to some of the other English-speaking nations, Canada is relatively much more affordable for Indian students. The tuition fees, as well as the living expenses are low in Canadian universities, as compared to US or Australia.


Culture and Community

Canadians have a reputation of being extremely nice and welcoming people. A large number of Indian people living there in large communities can vouch for this. There has not been much problem for a lot of Indians, who have been living there for generations now. It has always been a positive experience, irrespective of how many people you ask. Having such a reputation for any country is remarkable and it does attract a lot of students. The Indian parents are not afraid to send their children so far away because they are assured that their children will gain positive experience only.

Rudraksh Immigration has been handling student visas to Canada for over 27 years now. With the success rate of over 75%, who better to handle your case as well. All this information has been a part of Rudraksh Group since a long time. Therefore, they are the experts to go to, if you are dreaming of pursuing a successful career in Canada.

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