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PreBudget Expectations : Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School, Bangalore

Education being the key instrument of social change, progress and upward mobility in India, the government needs to ensure that education gets the attention and funding it richly deserves. There is need to improve infrastructure facilities in public schools through the setting up of smart classrooms, modern laboratories and libraries which would enhance the quality of learning. We expect government to improve the quality and scale of education across the country through the National Education Policy (NEP) with more funds for schools at different levels. In the present context of Covid-19, the government must provide support to states for a back-to-school campaign.


With heavy digital penetration presently, the government should emphasize modern and interactive techniques, and equip teachers with new-age teaching tools like conceptual learning methods and regularly update them with the changing scenarios in the education sector. The challenge right now is not just producing students who will get jobs, but students who can thrive in rapidly changing environments. The Government should also look into subsidizing loans sought for education and take measures to reduce the cost of these loans. The Government should improve the institutional structure and remove obstacles that constrain reforms in the educational sector. There are many challenges due to the ongoing pandemic and budget is going to play a pivotal role in reviving the education system. With India set to be the next global educational hub, the budget from last year should see a healthy increase for the educational sector so that we can lay a stronger foundation for new-age learning strategies.

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