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Travel without travelling

For many reasons travelling is not an option. But there are many ways of travelling without leaving home, there is even a possibility to win some money on the way. You can stream travelling shows from all over the world. Or travel to cities or the most remote places with Google earth. Why not go around the world throu slots and have a chance to win enough to travel for real?

There are many reasons why one can´t travel for real. Not having enough money or time are two of the most common causes. But some just don´t like to fly - the reasons for that can be all from fear of it and saving the climate. No matter the reason for not travelling you can be longing for exotic adventures. 

Travel and try lady Luck 

Gamblers all over the world have different strategies when playing slots in online casinos. Some play the same game all the time, some like the games of a specific developer and some play games with their favorite animals in it. But some have discovered the fun of trying to travel the world via the games. There are games themed from all the continents and many countries. You can also go to historical places in these slots. You can discover more at Royal Panda India about travelling the world and with a bit of luck win enough to travel for real. If you don’t find the travel destination you are longing for maybe this list of casino games in India can help you! 

Virtual three D travel

With Google earth you can travel all over the world and visit cities, the top of Mount Everest, the Amazonas and the north pole in an hour. You can play games inspired by travels, identify lakes from around the world or name castles and palaces and many more trivias. You can travel to highlights around the world and go on virtual tours in some of the worlds most fantastic places like Singapore botanical garden or visit the best places in Oslo when travelling with kids. 

Travel in the comfort of your sofa

There is no end to the travel shows from the most hidden corners of the world to the biggest cities. Travel on sea, food-oriented travels, adrenalin kicking travel and a lot more. You can travel with BBC to Macedonia including diving lake Orhid or you can follow Lewiston Woods on his extreme travels to the most remote, dangerous and beautiful areas all over the world. 

Many benefits of virtual travels

When travelling without travelling you are not just saving the earth from air pollution, you are also saving money and are able to visit places that you might not be able to visit for many different reasons. But virtual travelling is also a great way to learn more about other cultures, languages and to get inspiration for the next travels.

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