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Bedspreads Heaven, Premium Ethnic Bed Linen and Accessories

Sameer Talpade, an interior designer and wife Priya Talpade, a textile designer as well as an interior designer, combined their expertise in the year 1998, to curate BedspreadsHeaven, a brand of premium and ethnic bed linen and accessories, offering the best of both worlds (Interiors & Textile) to connoisseurs of art and culture.

BedspreadsHeaven offers quilted bedspreads, diwan sets, bed-runner sets, cushion covers, comforters, duvet covers  to table linen, curtains etc. in elegantly hand-woven fabrics like vegetable dyed cotton, various silks, brocade, etc. handpicked from various parts of the country.

While travelling across the country, the artsy couple developed the desire to bring handwoven fabrics from the interiors of India in the know of urban and global buyers, thereby encouraging Indian artisans in skill development. With their passion for design & quality, extensive understanding and experience with colours, home interiors and textile design, the brand aims to showcase to the world the blend of quality of textile and heritage in India.

The product range exhibits the use of varied fabrics from different regions like Paithan, Nashik, Banaras, Kancheepuram, places in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa  & Rajasthan, each with their own style of prints, dyeing methods, weaving and intricate design. They design quilts and bedspreads out of highly authentic unused sarees with distinct cultural trend of each region with great precision. You may find distinctive bedspreads with embroidery, resembling the marble inlay from the Taj Mahal, ceiling design motifs from the palaces of Rajasthan as quilting patterns and cushion covers inspired by stained glass designs, to mention a few.

From dazzling golden works to pastel shades to bold and bright colours, the brand offers a wide palate to suit modern-day home interiors.

The brand is dedicated to creating exclusive pieces of bedspreads that reflect the legacy of various regions, weaving and presenting them in their contemporary forms to give an indigenous look to modern homes, reflecting cultural India. With each product of BedspreadsHeaven, you carry home a masterpiece of Indian tradition and art.

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