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'Choti Shuruaat, Badi Udaan': Pawan Kumar - A story of a successful entrepreneur from Patna who started from nothing and now owns six hotels with OYO

Patna : Today, millions of people have great business ideas, but don't have the drive to pursue them. The reason is that they are afraid that if they fail, they will lose everything. Following one's dreams requires one to have a financial safety net in place. But what about those who still have a burning desire to start their businesses? OYO Hotels & Homes, a leading hospitality chain, has supported thousands of micro-entrepreneurs in India over the past seven years by providing financial assistance, operational excellence and technology support to run their own hotels.

Here's one such story of an inspiring hotel owner who is part of OYO's latest campaign 'Choti Shuruaat, Badi Udaan' who always dreamed of being a job creator and contributing significantly to India's startup ecosystem. Pawan Kumar, a proud hotel owner of OYO 47006 Hotel Magadh Palace, Patna started his journey as kitchen steward at Clarks Hotel in Lucknow and slowly and steadily climbed his way up and is now an entrepreneur with five hotels currently operating with OYO Hotels & Homes.

Brought up in a humble family with a modest income, he took a loan to complete his graduation course from  IIAS, Dehradun. To repay the loan and support his family, he took up smaller roles as a kitchen steward in Clark Hotels, ITC and worked at a Gurgaon coffee shop. After years of struggling, he finally got promoted as the captain of Westin Hotel. His formative years from 2009 to 2014, helped him gain experience and understand the hospitality industry's nuances. When he moved back to his home-town Patna in 2014, he decided to start his own business and opened up a marriage banquet hall named Magadh Vilas. As he became financially independent, he decided to enter the hotel business and reached out to OYO for financial assistance. With constant support and guidance from the OYO team, he is now a proud owner of five hotels running successfully with the hospitality chain.

Speaking of his experience, Pawan Kumar said, "I always wanted to work for myself and had set up a goal to generate job opportunities for young hospitality enthusiasts. I came from a very humble background, and it was very challenging to realise this dream. I started my journey with a small hotel with only six rooms with OYO and today I'm thankful for the company's support because of which I'm able to open multiple hotels today operating over 100 rooms. Over the last year, I witnessed how the OYO team comes up with new initiatives for our benefit. During the pandemic, none of my five hotels faced any major challenges. We were given alternative revenue sources and accommodation options as part of Vande Bharat Mission and supporting frontline workers. In collaboration with OYO, we opened up the state's first quarantine centre to support the government's effort to contain the pandemic. This was indeed a true example of turning crisis into an opportunity. I'm excited to share that I've plans to open many more hotels soon and will onboard them with OYO."

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is a rewarding experience, but if one has a support system that helps accomplish long-term goals, it becomes more manageable. Pawan admits that reaching the pinnacle of success was no easy task. But what made this possible is the continued joint commitment between OYO and thousands of hotel owners such as Pawan to uphold the high-quality service levels and benchmark customer experience and focus on delivering the best quality of experience. As a leading hospitality chain, OYO Hotels & Homes continuously focuses on the enhanced customer experience, boosts hotel owner success and accelerates their business growth.

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