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Women & Child Security Organisation’ organised ‘Vaicharik Samagam’ in association with ‘UNICEF’ at Lucknow

Lucknow, 05th February, 2021: Women & Child Security Organisation (WCSO) today organised 'Vaicharik Samagam' in association with 'UNICEF' at Lucknow.

The objective of this program is to do brainstorm from different sections and areas of the society, so that people coming from different areas are effective in exposing various kinds of questions related to women and children's safety in Uttar Pradesh. The panelist who participated in this program were NGOs, various educations, medical sector, corporate world house, writers, social media and social sector etc.
On the occasion Ms Neera Rawat, ADG, WCSO (Women & Child Security Organisation), said, "Our aim is to provide a safe eco system to ensure safety and security of women and children. Today, we are gathered to find out the ways and means to how to change the mindset of the people towards women and to impact their minds. Everyone from the society has to play its role and responsibility to maintain the eco system as an agent of change. To bring about a 360 degree impact the UP Govt. started Mission Shakti Campaign bringing together 24 departments for women's safety and security, dignity and empowerment. Family is the basic unit for starting this change. The way in which the family is treating the women plays a major role in impacting the minds of the males in the family. Here we need to change the conventional mind set of the family and make an impact to bring about the change at household itself for the betterment of women. That means a change must begin at home itself. As social media has a very vast outreach so we as an organization plan to start digital marketing in near future. After today's "Vaicharik Samagam" in which people from various fields have done brain storming on various issues of women and child safety and security. We all have agreed upon to create a small core group, so that our efforts are concentrated and we are able to reach the last person of the society and build the confidence and assure the safety and security of women and children at every step."

Mohd. Aftab from UNICEF said on this, "We will prepare a roadmap how to let down the gender-based violence. For this we start dialogue series at micro level to change the behavior of the people of society towards women and child. Find out that what are the major challenges to which women are facing on daily basis. He also added that police are not only the body to play their role, everyone come out and play their roles towards the society. Everywhere in the city we can't put the police. Parents should teach to their children about gender equality from the very beginning and what the right place of women in the society in fact. We are preparing matrix /material over behavioral changes and do research for change."
Raghvendra Kumar Dwivedi, State Radio Officer, Technical Wing, Safe City Project, shared is view on this occasion and said; "WCSO has taken many technical initiatives using World class technology to help in improving issues of women and child. In the future also, we will use state of the art systems to better the environment for women and children."

Neeti Dwivedi, Adl SP, WCSO gave a brief about women and child security organization. She explained units like mahilla samman prakoshth, mahilla sahayta prakoshth and women power line 1090 working under one umbrella of ADG, WCSO for creating a safe and secure environment for women and children in all aspects. She also moderated the program and presented vote of thanks.

The agenda of this event is not only to raise questions but also to provide their solutions. It is possible to get such solutions on which we can get far-reaching and permanent results in the security related efforts being made in relation to women and children. We also identified various aspects related to the safety of women and children contained in those ideas, we came towards for creating a safe environment.
The organization will strive to take meaningful steps for the safety of women and children, writing the findings of this conference.

Currently, the Women & Child Security Organization is taking effective action in connection with molestation, active stalking etc. through its unit Women's Power Line - 1090, and has been further strengthened through online counseling and feedback system. Apart from this, awareness is also playing a leading role in some aspects of women crimes such as human trafficking, acid attack victims etc. in awareness, prevention and assistance at various levels.

The complaints could broadly be classified into following four categories:
(a) Eve-teasing through phone.
(b) Eve-teasing through social media, like facebook, etc
(c) Stalking.
(d) Hotspots of eve-teasing closer to places where girls normally go to such as market places, colleges etc.

The Women Helpline Centre is located in the heart of Lucknow and is manned by women as well as men police force.[starlist][/starlist]

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