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Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar Offered Free Health Check-Ups For Lady Cops in Navi Mumbai


~ Tests offered to them include blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, and awareness regarding HPV and Covid vaccine ~ 

Navi Mumbai: On the eve of International Women’s DayMotherhood Hospital, Kharghar in association  conducted free health check-up camp for lady police cops from various police stations located in Navi Mumbai. Around 20 women police personnel participated in the exclusive health check-up, screening, and consultation. They were offered free blood pressure, BMI, random blood sugar, gynaecological consultations, and education regarding HPV and Covid vaccines.

 Coronavirus continues to create havoc in India. When people were advised to stay safe at home, police personnel were on their toes in order to protect the citizens and the city. The job of a cop involves physical and even mental stress.  They have hectic schedules and need to work tirelessly for the welfare of society. But, they often tend to neglect their health while taking care of others. They are unable to stick to a healthy lifestyle that involves diet and exercise. It is also essential for them to combat stress during the pandemic and otherwise, sleep well and stay fit.

Dr Surabhi Siddhartha, Consultant, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar, said, “To help these lady cops take to live a disease-free life, we organized a wellness camp wherein the female cops will be monitored for blood pressure, blood sugar, bone health check-up, dietary advice, personal and menstrual hygiene, body mass index (BMI), and gynaecological consultations for cervical, breast, and uterine cancer, urinary tract infections, and other problems such as fibroids and vaginal problems.”

Dr Siddhartha added, “The common problems were body pain owing to calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and white discharge. They were advised to take calcium and vitamin D supplements. Early detection and prompt treatment is the key to healthy living. These female cops were informed about various cancers, advised to go for regular screening that is Pap smears, breast self-examination for noticing lumps or cancer at an early stage, yearly ultrasound to diagnose polyp or abnormal growth in the uterus, HPV vaccine for one’s in the age group of 13-35 and even Covid vaccine. Remember to exercise daily, eat immunity-boosting foods and go for early check-ups. After all, it is essential to protect the ones who are protecting us.”

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