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Woman rejoices new life after kidney transplant and plans to pursue her IAS dream

Gender disparity is one of the major concern in kidney transplant cases. As male is the primary earning member of the family, it’s the women who usually volunteer to donate their kidney for their spouse, parents or brother. However, now the times are changing. Women are getting equal importance and men in the family are coming forward to support women. One such case was in Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur where a woman suffering from end stage kidney failure received kidney from her brother in law as her husband’s blood group was not matching. After the successful transplant, Akshatha is now preparing for IAS exam and she also took up the sociology exam from the ICU after transplant. 

35-year-old Akshatha (name changed) had big aspiration and had a dream of pursuing IAS. But the news of her renal disease put a halt to her dreams. She was diagnosed with kidney disease 6 years back during her second pregnancy and she was undergoing treatment. In the last 2 years her condition had worsened leading to end stage renal failure. She was undergoing dialysis for the past 2 years and was awaiting kidney transplant. As her parents had comorbidities they could not donate their kidney and hence her husband came forward. But the husband’s blood group and kidney did not match. Being in this situation, the couple were worried and the brother in law stepped forward to donate his kidney due to her chronic condition. Subsequently, the transplant was performed successfully at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur and Akshatha is now recovering. 

Talking about the condition of Akshatha, Dr. Deepak Kumar, Consultant, Nephrologist and Transplant Physician, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur said “This transplant was a life-saver for Akshatha because she faced lots of problems during dialysis and further continuing with dialysis would have been very difficult as her veins were not suitable for dialysis”. 

Akshatha was diagnosed with kidney disease during her second pregnancy. She was suffering from hypertension and proteinuria during the third trimester of pregnancy and had increased creatinine levels. Further evaluation confirmed her kidney disease. 

This transplant has brought relief to Akshatha’s life as she can perform her activities normally and pursue her dream of completing IAS. When they decided about the transplant, the family approached additional authorization committee to get approval. 

Talking about her experience Akshatha said “ I am thankful to my brother in law who came forward to donate his kidney. I was shattered when I heard about my kidney disease and was not sure about the treatment. When the condition worsened, my family members supported me in all ways and I agreed to go ahead to the kidney transplant. I am thankful to the doctors at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur and the transplant team for the successful surgery. Now I can focus on my studies and achieve my goals”.

Akshatha’s brother in law said “When we realized about Akshatha’s condition, we all discussed to sort it. But when we got the know that even my brother’s kidney is not matching, it was my responsibility to take the decision as Akshatha was going through a chronic condition. I did not see any problem in donating my kidney and hence I decided to go ahead. It is not only the responsibility of women to support the family, men also should come forward when there is a need ”. 

Akshatha has now completely recovered after her transplant and enjoying her daily routine. 

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