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Delaying Elective Surgeries During The Second Wave Can Lead to Serious Complications: Warns Doctor


Delhi: Like Covid, it is also essential to tackle other serious ailments such as obesity, gastritis, gallstones, kidney problems, hernias, acid reflux and piles. Patients with these problems had no option but to wait in pain.  Keeping in mind the backlog of elective surgeries and looking at the rising number of non-Covid cases Apollo Spectra Hospital, Delhi has started doing outpatient consultations, elective and non-emergency (Bariatric, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries) amid the second wave of Covid.


A 52-year-old patient from Delhi with diabetes, hypertension and gall bladder stones developed complications (jaundice with empyema GB) owing to the fear of contracting Covid. His condition worsened and he was on the ventilator. Which resulted in the addition of an extra surgery. Another 34-year-old diabetic lady weighing 130.8 kgs with obstructive sleep apneoa , severe backache and hypertension needing immediate bariatric surgery was operated on at  Apollo Hospital, Delhi. Another 49 yr. lady who had gallstones but delayed surgery during lockdown developed severe infection of Gall bladder i.e. Empyema Gallbladder and she was operated in emergency because of rupture of gallbladder. There are many patients who are suffering from severe non-Covid problems and face extreme complications due to delay in treatment because of the ongoing pandemic.


Dr Sukhvinder Singh Saggu, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Karol bagh, “Routine OPDs and non-emergency surgeries were suspended in the month of March 2021. The hospital gets around 100s of calls from the patients inquiring about elective procedures like? Now, with the weakening of the second wave, all in-patient wards are full. All the elective surgeries have resumed in the hospital after 2 months, and this is the right time to seek treatment. During the pandemic, there is a challenge to do any type of surgeries.”


Dr Sukhvinder Singh Saggu added, "Those having various health issues such as hernia, piles, gallbladder stones, acidity reflux, appendicitis, kidney, joint, and knee problems should undergo surgeries as recommended by the doctor. Having obesity puts people at risk for many other serious chronic diseases and increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Bariatric patients are more prone to have respiratory and Covid infections and serious complications. ICU admissions are more in obese patients and even mortality rates are higher. So, tackling obesity is a prerequisite to prevent covid infection and other severe complications. Non-Covid patients need not fear as guidelines given by the government are followed while doing elective surgeries. Laparoscopy, endoscopy, bariatric, and knee replacement surgeries are in demand now. Do not delay elective surgeries at any cost as doing so is not safe, and seek timely treatment to improve your quality of life. Even recovered patients can come for follow-ups and check-ups.”


"My world turned upside-down after I had fever, bad acidity and severe pain in my abdomen because of gallbladder stones, I needed to undergo surgery but couldn't due to the pandemic.   To top it all, when I underwent emergency surgery, my gallbladder ruptured with a lot of pus. I thank Dr Saggu and the hospital for saving my life. I urge everyone not to delay treatment even during these unprecedented times," concluded patient Mrs. Nirmal Kaur.

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