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ICPA Scales Up Presence In The Geriatrics Segment To Increase Availability In Western India Starting With Maharashtra

Mumbai, June 09: ICPA Health Products Ltd (ICPA), India’s leading pharmaceutical company and pioneers in the oral-health segment has scaled up presence in the easy-to-use denture management products range for the elderly. Realizing denture users’ unique problems, the company has developed denture adhesives and denture cleansers that help hold dentures securely and help clean the dentures to remove food remnants, plaque film and stains from the denture surface. The products are available through local chemists across Maharashtra and also through e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart. With a significant number of urban and semi-urban citizens above the age of 65 in the State, ICPA is looking to offer a convenient denture maintenance routine for this section of the population.

ICPA’s range of denture adhesives includes Fixon Cream, Fixon Powder and Fixon Super Grip which help hold dentures securely and comfortably all day long and, provide confidence to chew with dentures. The company also offers a complete range of denture cleansers which includes Clinsodent Powder, Clinsodent Tablet and Clinsodent Brush which help remove film, stains and plaque deposits from the denture surface.

“ICPA already enjoys 14 per cent share of the Indian dental care market valued at INR 1050 crores. We are now looking to increase availability of our offerings in the everyday consumables in this segment across India. In the first leg, we plan to increase our presence in the Western region of India starting with Maharashtra, then Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and, gradually form networks across the rest of the States in the region,” says Ms Abha Damani, Director, ICPA.

India has the second largest ageing population globally and by the year 2025, the country’s population over the age of 50, will be over 175 million. The potential value of senior consumer market in the pharma segment is just over INR 40,000 crores.

“Over the last 20 years, ICPA has focused mainly on serving the dental needs of people, and in this segment, we are the most preferred brand amongst dentists in the country. Now, we are focusing on scaling up our presence to meet the increased demand. The elderly who wear dentures need these products not only for cosmetic reasons but also for better quality of life. The products offer a healthy smile and the ability to enjoy time together with loved ones. Today, there are very few products that address the issues faced by individuals who wear dentures. To them, we are offering an easy and convenient everyday solution,” adds Ms Damani.

“While available to be bought separately, the products are also offered as part of a kit called the Replay Kit. It is an assortment of the individual products neatly packaged along with its own storage. We are confident that the users will see value in our offerings and also realize the vast difference it will make to their lives once it becomes part of their daily routine,” concludes Ms Damani.

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