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Colors show Uddariyan latestt episode's written updates

The Episode begins with Tejo coming to Fateh. She says the café was acceptable, how could you like the food. He says it was acceptable. She asks which is your fav eatery. He gets some information about the stew paneer, its fine on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about my fav dish, I m truly done having noodles. She says I believe I don't have any acquaintance with you. He says one can know this from online media likewise, its amusing to know what the individual doesn't have any acquaintance with himself, you know it, rest. She embraces him. She says you realize Fateh… He says stand by a min. He gets Jasmin's message… Reaching home, Amrik is dropping me. He says I can't miss this competition, you rest. He goes.

Amrik stops Jasmin and says sorry for Machi's words, don't feel awful. She says its fine, I can't clarify everybody what occurred with me, my companions likewise avoid me, I feel forlorn in some cases. He inquires as to why, am I a phantom that you can't see. She says you, you have work, you're not pointless like me. He says I m free for you, you can call me whenever. She says thanks to him and holds his hand.

Fateh thinks how is Amrik getting well disposed with Jasmin. Amrik says we are companions, don't say as much. Jasmin goes. She calls Fateh. She asks did your better half rest. He says Tejo felt awful, she knows a ton, no compelling reason to cause her to feel awful, effectively awful occurred with her. She says you love me, don't refute me. He says you left me first and afterward we joined together, what's her misstep. She says we will clarify her, we should come clean with her, I feel truly downright awful she is in our room, she is with you. He says she isn't the only one, two families are included, you don't consider others when you consider yourself. She says goodness, you mean I m narrow minded. Tejo gets down on him. He says Tejo is coming, we will talk tomorrow. He closes call. Tejo says I realized call has finished and poker game began. He asks how would you know. She says I know your propensities well, come. They go.

Gurpreet gets Nimmo's call and asks is everything fine. Nimmo says nothing is fine. Gurpreet says say it quick, Khushbeer is dozing, he might awaken. Nimmo says I will return home tomorrow and give the breaking news. Gurpreet says what did she intend to say. Jasmin goes to her room and tosses the telephone. She says what did he mean. Tejo and Fateh lie on the bed. She embraces him. Its morning, Tejo requests that Mahi drop her and afterward take the vehicle, prepare. Mahi inquires as to why. Tejo says I need Fateh's mysterious information, what he loves and not. Mahi prods her. Mahi says I have grown up, you can share anything. Tejo says help me in cleaning cabinet, I need to keep such garments which Fateh likes. Mahi jokes. Tejo takes tea and juice for Biji and Gurpreet.

She welcomes Nimmo. Tejo says I m going to close by pind for educating kids. Gurpreet says she is accomplishing a decent work. Nimmo insults. Biji requests that she stop it. Nimmo says be cautious, both the sisters are looking at your home, Jasmin was first peering toward Fateh and presently Amrik, I went with my companions to party. She tells everything. She says don't have the foggiest idea what sorcery these young ladies do, in the event that Jasmin weds Amrik, the two siblings won't ever manage everything well. Fateh's shirt button severs. Tejo says I will fix it, continue to wear it, dark shading suits you a great deal. Tejo fastens the catch. Mahi looks on and grins. She clicks their pic. Mahi posts pic and composes, karma by some coincidence, this is unadulterated sentiment. Fateh takes a gander at Tejo. Mahi requests that Tejo come. Tejo goes. Fateh gets Jasmin's message and calls her. She contends.

Jasmin asks are we meeting today. He says fine, after lunch. She says I love you. Khushbeer calls him. He says I need to go. She requests that he answer. He says alright, I love you as well. She closes call. He says she is absolutely frantic. She sees Tejo and his pic on photogram. She gets stunned. She messages him. Khushbeer gets some information about institute affirmations. Fateh says 200 understudies are there. Khushbeer says its an aftereffect of your and Tejo's hardwork. Fateh checks message. Tejo and Mahi are coming. Mahi says Fateh is mindful and cherishing, where did you go that evening.

Tejo reviews the evening. She says that evening was wonderful, Fateh was with me, everything looked excellent, I couldn't say whether he discovers me lovely, I mean Jasmin is delightful so he succumbed to her. Mahi says obviously, he discovers you wonderful, perceive what he looks like at you with affection, check this, read remarks. Tejo peruses and snickers. Khushbeer says its great if many individuals think about it, proceed to answer the call if its devil. Fateh says no, its simply advance related call. He doesn't reply. Jasmin gets pitiful. Mahi says Jasmin is Fateh's past, you are his present and future, I m there to give secret information. Tejo says great. Jasmin reviews Tejo's words.

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